How to Find the Application ID

FAQ | General Questions Wed. 16 Aug. 2023

What is an Application ID?


In Android app development, the "application ID" refers to the unique identifier of an application, also known as the Package Name. Every Android app must have a distinct application identifier, which is used on Android devices to differentiate between different applications.


The application identifier is typically formatted as a reverse domain name, usually in the form of com.yourcompany.appname.


ComPDFKit bases your license on the application ID you provide. Once an application ID is registered in the ComPDFKit license portal, it can’t be changed. Please note that these IDs are case-sensitive, so make sure you register the correct case variant.


How to Find the Application ID


1.Open your Android Studio project.

2.In the Project Navigator, navigate to the "app" folder.

3.Open the build.gradle file.

4.Within the android block, locate the defaultConfig block, and find the applicationId attribute. The value of this attribute is your application's ID, usually in the format "com.yourcompany.appname".


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