Best Way to Convert PDF to Word Online for Free

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Aug 23
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Have you ever needed to convert a PDF to Word and struggled to find the right tool for the job? Look no further! PDF Technologies offers a range of solutions to meet all of your PDF to Word conversion needs, from free online conversion tools to multiple desktop software and even powerful software development kit and API tools.


Keep reading and explore all the diverse products we offer and improve your work efficiency today.

Convert PDF to Word Online for Free with ComPDFKit


Click here, you can see a range of conversion tools that we offer and allow you to convert various formats, including PDF to/from Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, PNG, JPG, TXT, RTF, CSV, and more. In this article, we will focus on PDF to Word conversion.


PDF documents are widely used for sharing content and information, as they offer a reliable and secure way of transmitting data. However, sometimes you may need to edit the content of a PDF document, which can be challenging as PDFs are not editable in the traditional sense. This is where PDF to Word conversion comes in handy, allowing you to extract the text, images, and other content from a PDF file and convert it into an editable Word document.


Free Online Tools for PDF to Word


Our Free Online Tools enable you to easily convert PDF to Word .docx format which is a newer file format that was introduced with Microsoft Word 2007, replacing the older .doc format. The main difference between the two formats is that .docx uses a newer file format standard, which makes it more efficient and easier to work with than the older doc format.


One of the advantages of using the .docx format is that it supports advanced features such as tables, charts, and images, which can be easily edited and modified. Additionally, the XML-based structure of the .docx format allows for better compatibility across different devices and software applications.


In summary, if you need to convert a PDF file to a Word document for editing or other purposes, our Free Online Tools make it easy and convenient. If you need conversion technology for your own businesses, we provide kinds of ways to cooperate.

Various Ways to Cooperate with ComPDFKit


Except for Online Tools, PDF Technologies provides various products like PDF Reader Pro and ComPDFKit — the SDK & API products. Choose the right and proper options to cooperate with PDF Technologies. 


Distributors could re-sell our products ComPDFKit and PDF Reader Pro. With over a decade of technical expertise and a user base exceeding 12 million, ComPDFKit and PDF Reader Pro offer reliable and proven PDF technology apps and solutions.


Another cooperation option is the use ComPDFKit SDK or API to develop your own program to convert PDF to Word. 


         - ComPDFKit API can be used on your own website and various devices, systems, and apps to convert PDF files to Word documents. Utilizing the API interface helps to achieve your company's project faster. Additionally, ComPDFKit ensures the safety and security of its API calls.


         - ComPDFKit SDK allows for seamless integration into your platform, providing users the ability to convert PDF to Word. If you have a program and want to obtain the feature of conversion, try our SDK without long-time development and much cost.



PDF Technologies offers a wide range of solutions for your PDF to Word conversion needs. With the easy and convenient conversion, help your PDF to Word conversion process today by exploring our products!

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