Security Settings & Permissions

Encrypt PDF documents, set user/owner passwords, and permissions to control editing, printing high and low resolution, and copying content. Edit or remove security settings from a secure document.
PDF Security Settings & Permissions


Safely remove sensitive, confidential, or privileged information — such as personally identifiable information — from PDF documents without covering or obscuring.
PDF Redaction


Add text or image watermarks on PDFs in order to personalize documents and verify if a PDF document is a copy or original, or from the authorized company.
PDF Watermark

Header & Footer

Add, edit, or delete headers and footers such as page numbering and dates in existing PDF documents.
PDF Header & Footer

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Bates Number

Bates Number

Add bates number to place identifying numbers or time-marks on documents as they process, indexing legal documents for easy identification and retrieval.


Selectively apply a background to only specific page or page ranges in document to highlight salient points of the PDF and make information contained in the PDF more attractive.
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