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ComPDFKit Conversion SDK is a high-performance library designed for extracting and transforming the data within your PDF files, such as text, images, tables, links, and annotations, into various file formats. Our Conversion SDK retains the original document layout and the properties of the file data, ensuring a seamless document conversion experience.

Effortlessly integrate the ComPDFKit Conversion SDK into your projects in just a few steps, and enable the following file format conversions:

  • Convert PDF to Word (.docx)
  • Convert PDF to Excel (.xlsx)
  • Convert PDF to PowerPoint (.pptx)
  • Convert PDF to HTML (.html)
  • Convert PDF to CSV (.csv)
  • Convert PDF to Image (.png)
  • Convert PDF to Image (.jpg)
  • Convert PDF to Plain Text (.txt)
  • Convert PDF to Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • Convert PDF to Structured Data (.json)

Harness the power of ComPDFKit Conversion SDK and take your document processing to the next level with intelligent tools designed for accuracy and efficiency. To enhance your format conversion results, ComPDFKit offers AI-powered document tools with the following capabilities:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Layout Analysis
  • Table Recognition

Why ComPDFKit Conversion SDK

  • Mature Technology

    With years of technology accumulation, we have established a complete mechanism of product iteration to offer a continuous guarantee for product competitiveness.

  • Complete PDF and Format Conversion Functionalities

    Our comprehensive features can meet diverse needs and are easy for our customers to use without training costs.

  • High-quality Service

    professional service and technical support to quickly respond to users' feedback through onsite service or remote support like telephone, email, etc.

  • Independent Intellectual

    Property Rights Our technology is independent and compliant with ISO, helping enterprises conduct international business without considering copyright risks.

ComPDFKit Conversion SDK

The ComPDFKit Conversion SDK is designed to facilitate the effortless conversion of PDF files into various other formats, all while preserving the original layout and formatting of the documents. In this guide, we will explore the ComPDFKit Conversion SDK and demonstrate how to utilize it within your Mac projects.

License & Trial

The ComPDFKit Conversion SDK is a commercial SDK that requires a license to grant developers the right to develop and distribute their applications. In development mode, each license is only valid for one device ID. ComPDFKit provides flexible licensing models, please contact our marketing team for more information. However, even if you have a license, it is prohibited to distribute any documents, sample code, or source code of the ComPDFKit Conversion SDK to any third parties.

If you do not have a License, please feel free to contact the ComPDFKit Team to obtain a License to try the ComPDFKit Conversion SDK.