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ComPDFKit Conversion SDK for iOS & macOS is a powerful conversion library that ships with easy-to-use Objective-C interfaces. Developers can seamlessly integrate PDF documents to Office documents conversion SDK into their applications and services running.

Key Features

  • Convert PDF documents to Word documents.

    • Reconstruct content from PDF files into reusable data.
    • Reconstruction (recover page layout, columns, formatting, graphics, and preserve text flow).
    • Support mapping conversion to split-column function.
    • Support the function of combining letters into a string of text.
    • Support floating insertion such as picture rotation cutting.
    • Support converting partial Math or Chemistry function.
    • Support font size, color, bold, italic, and underline recognition.
    • Support two layout options to choose from: Retain Flowing Text and Retain Page Layout.
  • Convert PDF documents to Excel documents.

    • Support data mapping to Excel cells.
    • Support recognition of a small number, currency, and other formats.
    • Support multiple cells merge function.
    • Support different types of content, including text, table, or all content in PDF.
    • Support multiple Worksheet options, including converting one table to one sheet, all tables on one page to one sheet, or all tables in the entire document to one sheet.
  • Convert PDF documents to PPT documents.

    • Convert each page to an editable slide.
    • Support converting text to a PowerPoint text box.
    • Support picture rotation cutting and other floating insertion.
    • Support converting partial Math or Chemistry function.
  • Convert PDF documents to TXT documents.

  • Convert PDF documents to CSV documents.

    • Support extracting only tables from PDF accurately and converting them to CSV, and one table is converted to one CSV file. Or you can also merge multiple tables into one CSV file.
  • Convert PDF documents to Image documents.

    • Support converting PDF to high-quality image formats, including PNG and JPEG. All image quality and resolution will remain intact.And the image DPI can be set freely.
  • Convert PDF documents to RTF documents.

    • Support converting PDF to Rich Text Format documents, including text and images.
  • Convert PDF documents to HTML documents.

    • Support converting PDF to HTML, including single-page and multiple-page.
  • Support OCR when converting PDF documents.

    • Support converting scanned PDF documents into Word, Excel, PPT, TXT, HTML, and RTF documents.
    • Text on the image in the scanned PDF documents will be erased to ensure that the text is displayed correctly.
    • Support multiple languages in OCR . You can see [3.12](3.12 Recognize content with OCR) for all supported languages.


ComPDFKit Conversion SDK is a commercial SDK, which requires a license to grant developer permission to release their apps. Each license is only valid for one bundle ID in development mode. Other flexible licensing options are also supported, please contact our marketing team to know more. However, any documents, sample code, or source code distribution from the released package of ComPDFKit Conversion SDK to any third party is prohibited.