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Empower your native or cross-platform Android apps with ComPDFKit Android libraries, providing you with comprehensive Java, Kotlin, and C/C++ PDF libraries that could be integrated into your apps to create, edit, annotate, sign, convert, redact PDF files, etc.

Best PDF Library: ComPDFKit for Android

Native and Cross-Platform App Development
Frameworks: Android Native Framework
Frameworks for Cross-Platform Mobile Apps: React Native, Flutter, Xamarin.Android, and Cordova
Operating Systems
Android 4.4.4 or newer
Development Environment
Android Studio 3.2 or newer (support AndroidX).
Technical Advantages
Independent Intellectual Property Rights
Multiple Deployments: Local SDK and Online API
Rich, Complete, and Cutting-edge PDF Features
Fast to Integrate with Few Lines of Code
Comply with PDF Specifications
Multiple Programming Languages
Java: Get started with ComPDFKit PDF library using the Java PDF library for Android
Kotlin: Provide a comprehensive Kotlin library for integrating PDF functionality into your Android applications
C/C++: Help empower your Android applications using ComPDFKit C/C++ PDF library

Build Android Apps with ComPDFKit: Default or Custom UI

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Powerful Android PDF SDK Designed for Developers

ComPDFKit Android PDF library enables developers to process and integrate full capabilities into products with a few steps, helping shorten the development cycle and time of your project.

              // Get CPDFReaderView from xml
              CPDFReaderView readerView = findViewById(;
              CPDFDocument document = new CPDFDocument(context);
              //Open document.
              // Set the PDF document type to CPDFReaderView

PDF Editor Library for Android

Allow users to manipulate PDF pages with ease on your Android apps. Integrate ComPDFKit PDF SDK into your Android app to add blank pages, delete unwanted pages, replace existing pages with new ones, rotate pages, or reverse the order of pages in your PDF document.

PDF Editor Library for Android

Android Annotation Library

Enable to annotate PDF documents with various annotation tools. You can add, set, delete, or flatten annotations such as ink, free text, note, shape, line, link, sound, and more. You can also modify the properties of your annotations, such as color, font, opacity, line width, and alignment.

Android Annotation Library

Android Content Editor PDF SDK

ComPDFKit Android library allows you to edit PDF content like Word. You can add, delete, or edit PDF text and images, formatting your text with fonts, colors, sizes, and alignments. You can also move, rotate, crop, replace, scale, extract, or copy your images within your PDF document.

Android Content Editor PDF SDK

Android PDF Library: Split & Merge PDFs

Split and merge PDF documents on your Android app with ComPDFKit SDK, merging multiple PDF documents or selected PDF pages into one PDF, and splitting a large PDF document into smaller ones by page range.

Android PDF Library: Split & Merge PDFs

We chose ComPDFKit mainly for extracting PDF images and text, which makes it easier to deal with papers. They have accurate recognition and extraction.

David Thompson

Development Manager, Education

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