Annotate on Teaching Materials, Collaborate with Students

Enable students and teachers to view and edit learning materials during or after class, and correct assignments on apps supported by ComPDFKit SDK. Digitalize classroom workflows and improve learning efficiency.

Blend the Whole Learning Process

View and Markup Key Points

Display e-books in different reading modes and themes. Add highlights, underlines, strikethroughs, and squiggles to assignments, papers, coursework, and any other PDF materials.

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Organize PDF Pages

Manage and reorganize teaching notes and learning documents by inserting, deleting, merging, splitting, rotating, and replacing pages.

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Edit Wrong Content

Correct mistakes on test papers and revise wrong answers by editing the text and changing fonts, styles, sizes, colors, etc.

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Check and Score Homework

Allow teachers to grade students' homework by adding notes, annotations and stamps.

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Sign Documents

Sign different PDF files, including application forms, enrollment forms, leave notes, library cards, and so on.

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Build Communicative E-learning

Teacher-Student Collaboration
Realize collaboration between teachers and students. Make communication more convenient in and after class with real-time feedback.
Safe Document Control
Encrypt teaching materials to control student viewing and editing of PDF files, greatly increasing security.
Customized UI
Optionally change the order of standard UI widgets, or customize UI based on needs.

Outstanding & Prompt Technical Support

With years of experience, ComPDFKit SDK has grown more professional and reliable. Our R&D team provides one-to-one technical support and responds promptly to your problems.

On the portal, teachers can publish documents for students, and we want to offer the functionality for students to annotate these PDFs or for teachers to stamp them. ComPDFKit SDK achieves our goals and now students and teachers are collaborating, which improves efficiency in the classroom.

Nora Perry

Dean, High School

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