How to Use ComPDFKit in Education Industry

By ComPDFKit | 2022 Dec 15

As we all know, there are a large number of documents used in school, including textbooks, assignments, essays, student information, school materials, and more. In the past, these documents were usually kept in paper form. With the coming of the digital age, now it’s more and more common that documents are stored in digital form. 


PDF documents are widely used in daily life among multiple formats of digital documents. One might ask, is it convenient to use digital documents apart from storage? Our ComPDFKit provides comprehensive and practical features for users to process PDF documents. So in this blog, we will introduce the advantages of digital documents and how to use our ComPDFKit in the education industry.



Paper Documents vs Digital Documents


Paper documents take up a lot of storage space, and many schools set up specialized archives to store these paper documents. Not only that, it is very inconvenient to search and take paper documents in the archives, and documents may also become moldy and damaged after long-term storage.


Compared to paper documents, teachers can store plenty of digital documents with just one device. And a specific document can be quickly found within thousands of documents. In addition, there is no need to worry about the document getting covered by fallen dust or becoming moldy.



ComPDFKit in Education Industry


Now we know that digital documents perform better than paper documents in storage and search. But how to process digital documents? ComPDFKit provides practical functions for educators.


Annotate a Textbook


We need to take notes in our textbook when having class. But when facing a textbook in PDF format, what methods can you use to take notes on it? There are still many students who print the textbooks and slideshows their teachers posted online in order to make notes using a pen, pencil, or highlighter. But they could have solved this problem more easily. With ComPDFKit, you can take notes in PDF documents as in your real book, and even get a better experience. With ComPDFKit, you can protrude your important content, cross off unnecessary parts, or write your ideas in your desired position.


Fill out Forms


Students usually need to fill various forms in school life, even in the first step of entering school. There are so many forms that need to be filled out during the enrollment and admission stages. And in their next lives, students have to fill out different forms for different purposes, such as asking for leave, participating in an activity, applying for Scholarships, etc. After filling out the form, they need to go to the corresponding person in charge and give the form to him. ComPDFKit helps you complete the form on your computer or mobile phone and just click the button to send it.


Protect Your Documents


There may be multiple content that educators don’t want to show to others. Like students’ private information, the important data in essays, or confidential documents of the school. ComPDFKit provides useful functions for you to protect your files, such as adding a password, encrypting and decrypting, inserting a watermark, redacting, etc. Either prevent the whole document from being freely opened by an irrelevant person, or make certain parts inaccessible, ComPDFKit satisfies all your needs. You can share your documents without worrying about the leak of sensitive information.





Now do you have an understanding about how to use our SDK features in the education industry? Education industry is one of the main sources of our users, and we dedicate ourselves to developing more helpful functions for school administrators and educators. If you are interested in ComPDFKit, please contact us for a free trial.