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Case Study: How ComPDFKit Enhances G-School eBook Reader in Education Industry

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Dec 11
Case Study Education

G-School, a division of Gensyswork Co., Ltd., renowned for its commitment to educational excellence and innovation in South Korea, focuses on professional development for teachers, Qualified teacher status, etc., by continuously organizing various training courses for teachers of different subjects. 


G-School e-Book is a mobile textbook (e-book) service exclusively for G School.


You can conveniently access many different textbooks at once on one smart device, anywhere. The G-School e-Book service provides your own textbook with editing functions such as reading, writing, and drawing.


G-School e-Book empowers educators and students to improve education activities.

G-School e-Book App Features


The G-School e-Book app is an electronic textbook service specifically designed for the G School community. With this app, users can:


ebook Reader:

         - You can view the textbooks you purchased.

         - It provides various functions such as writing, memo, and drawing various highlights.


e-book Store:

         - You can search and purchase all textbooks easily and quickly.

         - You can check your e-book purchase history.



         - Frequently Asked Questions: We have prepared answers to expected questions from users in advance.

         - Q&A Bulletin Board: Ask any questions you have at any time.


G-School e-Book App Features by ComPFKit



The Journey of SDK Exploring


G-School, a school with over 10,000 students, transitioned to digital learning materials to address the burden of heavy textbooks and wanted an eBook platform. An ebook reader can usually work with PDF files. And it could give a smooth reading experience with the features of reading, annotating, zooming, searching, bookmarking, thumbnail, outlining, reading themes, etc.


In pursuit of enhancing their primary offerings without diverting crucial development resources, G-School identified the need for an external solution to their PDF-related requirements. Recognizing that mastering PDF specifications and engineering features from scratch would demand significant time and effort - resources better allocated toward improving their core products - they concluded that incorporating a PDF SDK was the optimal approach. This choice strategically allows them to avoid the intricacies involved in PDF manipulation and rendering, ensuring the team can dedicate their efforts to enhancing their core services.


After conducting an exhaustive search and meticulously evaluating different solutions, G-School finally selected ComPDFKit's PDF SDK for its standout ability to streamline the integration procedure. This decision was swayed by the utility of the software, cost considerations, and the importance of finding a reliable partnership. By choosing ComPDFKit, G-School is set to save substantial amounts of development time, thus maintaining its commitment to delivering robust PDF functionality within its services.


Mr. Lee, the Project Manager of G-School, comments, “The function works well, and it's practical for users to use”. 

ComPDFKit Solution


ComPDFKit PDF SDK emerges as a powerful toolkit designed to elevate your project by delivering a suite of robust PDF functionalities that cater to companies, organizations, small businesses, and individual developers alike. With ComPDFKit, an all-encompassing PDF Solution, you can effortlessly integrate PDF processing features right into all kinds of projects.


We offer reliable modules for handling PDF files. ComPDFKit’s framework consists of powerful UI components that developers can easily use and adapt to their UX.


         - ComPDFKit PDF SDK is regularly updated to keep pace with major developments on each platform, while also introducing exciting new features.

         - The implementation of ComPDFKit is straightforward, as it is easy to integrate, features a user-friendly interface, provides extensive document support, and offers professional, prompt support.


Implemented with ComPDFKit's SDK, G-school's e-book software enables users to read and learn on their mobile devices, opening up a learning world full of possibilities. This includes fundamental features such as thumbnails, text search, as well as highlight text, and add notes.

Reach out to the ComPDFKit team today to create an e-book application like G-School e-Book using the ComPDFKit PDF SDK, releasing the power of your apps' digital reading and marking.