Convert PDF to MS Office with ComPDFKit

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Mar 31

Some people would ask why we need to convert PDF to MS Office if we love the stable formats to present content. It always happens. For example, the only PDF file is all you have. And you need to change a lot of information to optimize and share it. It’s not easy to change too much information in a PDF file. So converting PDF to MS Office would be necessary.

Why Not Edit PDF Directly?


It’s not easy for you to edit PDF directly because the content could not be reflowed automatically according to your changes. Especially, there are varieties of content like tables, graphics, images, text, etc. in your PDF file. For lots of changes in content, it is the best choice for you to convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. 

Convert PDF to MS Office with ComPDFKit


ComPDFKit focuses on format conversion for years and is available on multiple platforms such as Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and the Web. ComPDFKit is competitive and powerful for the following reasons. 


         - Support converting a single document or batch of documents.

         - Accurately convert and get a free editable file format as you want. 

         - Keep the original PDF content, layouts, images, colors, font styles, etc.

         - Allow converting images to searchable and editable vector images.

         - Support extracting data to meet all your scenarios. 

         - Multiple methods for integration are supported: API and SDK.

         - Keep updating and optimizing.

         - Small file size.

         - High accuracy. 


Convert PDF to MS Office



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