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Tutorials | Encrypt with a Certificate · Digital Signature Fri. 24 Mar. 2023

When it comes to encrypting files, can you imagine who needs to encrypt a document? Actually, encrypting PDF files is widely used by everyone and in every industry. People usually need to protect the files like thesis, articles, customer data, company internal files, etc. 


A file with protection could prevent most people from sharing without permission. There are many ways to protect our PDF files. We are going to talk about encrypting with a password and a certificate.



Encryption with a Password


Wherever you want to upload or share files, there is a risk of leakage. And if you don’t want your files to be shared or seen by unexpected people, adding a password is a good choice for you.


There are many applications for you to add a password for your documents like PDF Reader Pro. Compared with encrypting with a certificate, encrypting with a password is suitable for a person or a company who doesn’t want to take much money for encrypting their company files.


Click here to get more information about encrypting with a password.



Encryption with a Certificate


Opening an encrypted document with certificates is similar to taking out money from a bank. The certificate is the “ID Card” to verify the person who wants to open the files. If you want to encrypt PDFs with a certificate, a digital signature is required. It’s a safer way than a password. 


When you encrypt files with certificates, a pair of keys will be generated (the public key and the private key). You shouldn’t share the private key. And the public key could be shared with your intended recipients who are on the list of trusted identities. The list of trusted identities is created when encrypting your documents.  


This is a good way for enterprises to protect their worthy enough documents. As we need to manage the trusted identities, a management system is required and it’s not proper for individual and small companies.  





I believe that you have a clear understanding about what is encryption with passwords and certificates. Choose the right way to protect your documents. ComPDFKit could provide all the features above. Feel free to contact our team if you are interested in encryptions.

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