Introducing PDF Viewer and Editor for Salesforce by ComPDFKit

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Dec 16
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Many companies and organizations use Salesforce to manage customer relationships. To process standard and consistent content across all teams, they commonly choose to generate their documents as PDFs in Salesforce. But there are few PDF components in Salesforce, now ComPDFKit provides Salesforce PDF SDK, which unlocks the full functionalities of ComPDFKit, enabling users to view, edit, annotate, fill forms, and sign PDF documents natively in Salesforce Lightning — no server-side processing or third-party software required.


This article introduces Salesforce and ComPDFKit for Salesforce.



What Is Salesforce?


Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps businesses manage their interactions and relationships with customers and potential customers. It provides a suite of products and services designed to assist companies in sales, marketing, customer service, and other related areas, helping to improve productivity and enhance workflows.


Salesforce Application Industries and Scenarios


Salesforce offers solutions in many industries such as financial services, healthcare & life sciences, education, travel transportation, manufacturing, and so on. For example, in the education industry, from K-12 Education to universities, community colleges, or business schools, they all can use Salesforce to personalize learner relationships, improve student enrollment, and deliver holistic student support.


What’s more, Salesforce provides various essential functions:


         - Sales Management: Streamline sales opportunities, manage forecasting, and improve overall sales efficiency.

         - Customer Relationship Management: Track customer information and interactions, and provide personalized service and customized marketing campaigns.

         - Marketing Automation: Create and execute campaigns, track effectiveness, and increase lead generation to improve conversion rates.

         - Customer Service and Support: Efficiently manage service requests, resolve complaints, and provide prompt, high-quality customer support.



ComPDFKit for Salesforce


ComPDFKit for Salesforce is a fully integrated PDF toolkit inside Salesforce provided by ComPDFKit. It adds PDF viewer and PDF editor capabilities to the Salesforce platform, allowing you to view, annotate, edit, fill forms, redact, sign, and much more. The component lives client-side in Salesforce making the editing process secure and efficient.


Functionalities of Salesforce PDF SDK


ComPDFKit offers a comprehensive set of tools that allow developers to seamlessly integrate PDF viewing, editing, and annotation features into their Salesforce applications, helping improve document productivity and collaboration.


You can build a smooth document workflow and management with our various PDF functions as below:


1. Viewer: Salesforce PDF viewer supports a fast and battle-tested rendering engine with many advanced features, such as various display modes, PDF navigation, text search and selection, zooming, and so on.

2. Annotations: Salesforce PDF editor allows you to create, edit, import, export, flatten, comment, reply, display, or hide dozens of annotations, including text, stamps, highlights, underlines, strikethroughs, wavy lines, shapes (rectangles, circles, etc.), arrows, lines, freehand pens, links, voice notes, etc.

3. Forms: Easily create and fill out PDF form fields, including text fields, push buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, combo boxes, and list boxes.

4. Signatures: Finalize workflows by adding electronic or digital signatures. Let your users sign digital documents using drawn, typed, or image signatures. Add an extra layer of security with certificate-based signatures.

5. Content Editor & Document Editor: Supports editing PDF text and images flexibly like editing Word documents, and also allows to merge, split, insert, replace, rotate, and delete PDF pages.

6. Redaction: Search for and permanently remove sensitive, confidential, and privileged information programmatically or via the UI. 

7. Document Comparison: Provide content comparison and overlay comparison. You can compare documents side-by-side to quickly find the changes between different PDF versions, and compare drawing documents by overlay comparison.


Besides the above PDF functionalities, you can explore more advanced features provided by ComPDFKit.


Benefits of ComPDFKit for Salesforce


        - Increase User Collaboration: Enable seamless document collaboration within Salesforce. Empower users to highlight crucial text, circle areas for review, add comments, and perform other collaborative actions effortlessly.

        - Improve Productivity: Save time and effort by automatically populating forms with Salesforce data for creating quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices, customer communications, or marketing materials.

        - Optimize Document Management: Empower users with an all-in-one solution in Salesforce for efficient document generation, viewing, editing, and collaboration, streamlining their workflow.

        - Protect Sensitive Information: Safeguard sensitive information and documents within Salesforce using browser-based PDF editing. Easily update quotes, replace dates in contracts, and modify invoice numbers before seamlessly saving them back to your Salesforce record.





In this post, we introduced what Salesforce is, and the functionalities of Salesforce PDF SDK including viewing, editing, filling forms, signing, redacting PDFs, and other advanced PDF capabilities. You’ve also learned the benefits of ComPDFKit for Salesforce, please feel free to contact us if you start to integrate the Salesforce lightning.