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By ComPDFKit | 2023 May 05
AI Intelligent Document Processing OCR

It was a great improvement when traditional paper documents go digital, and it helped with document sharing, storage, etc. With the arrival of ChatGPT's text data search and intelligent summarization, people realized that the age of artificial intelligence is coming, influencing every area of our life and work. It is also a challenge for digital document processing.


ComPDFKit predicts and has been studied Document AI for years. Automated digital document processing has been our focus at Document AI. Check out the following content to learn more about ComPDFKit Document AI.

Challenges of Traditional Files


As a PDF Solutions and technologies provider, the challenges could be seeing our customers' needs and solving their problems. What are their needs for document processing? Undoubtedly, people need to archive, understand, re-create, and analyze kinds of documents. When working with documents, we encounter various types of following problems. 


         - Scanned documents are difficult to search and find information within.

         - Manually inputting large quantities of text can be extremely laborious.

         - The limitations of the original document in the re-creation.

         - Understanding, extracting, or analyzing critical information from files.


What if AI does all this repetitive work?

What Can Document AI Help with?


In response to the potential issues individuals may encounter when dealing with documents, the following functions with artificial intelligence learning capabilities have been developed and extensively trained to ensure the quality of the technology.


         - Extract and understand the unsearchable and uneditable text, charts, and other content in scanned documents.

         - Speed up document re-creation by converting file data to various documents including PDF, Excel, PPT, Word, etc. 

         - Extraction and comprehension of the information of images, scanned PDFs, and PDF files in multiple languages.

         - Support for extracting information from various types of files and responding to natural language queries and commands regarding key business information. This is exactly what ChatGPT does, but ChatGPT currently only supports queries and responses from the existing text information.


Want to know how Document AI intelligent document processing technology can help with your work? Contact the ComPDFKit Document AI team now!

Key Features of Document AI


         - Well Pre-trained Model Zoo: Pre-trained intelligent learning models with a large amount of data, including general models and specific models for industry scenarios.

         - High-precision Recognition: Include multiple document preprocessing technologies, solving quality problems of original images or documents such as clarity correction, noise reduction, and file skew correction, etc.

         - Key Information Extraction: According to different tasks, the corresponding key information could be extracted and displayed (Document AI allows you to ask various questions and helps organize the key information in the documents)

         - Relationship Extraction: Predefine the relationship between contents and extract the corresponding information or data as you want.

         - Processing of Complex Documents: Analyze the layout of documents, and targeted processing different document areas such as images, paragraphs, tables, etc.

         - Layout Recovery: Provide a high-precision layout recovery function for document re-creation needs. The processed document retains the original layout and removes the unedited and unsearchable limitation of images, scanned PDFs, etc.


ComPDFKit Document AI provides an AI-based document processing solution that can help you better understand the content of a PDF file and extract key information from it. Communicate with our ComPDFkit team for more detailed information and have a free trial.