ComPDFKit Web Viewer 1.6.0: Compare and Encrypt PDFs

Updates | Encryption · Compare Documents Thu. 28 Sep. 2023

The ComPDFKit Web Viewer is a JavaScript library that allows you to view, annotate, compare, encrypt, and manipulate PDF documents in your web applications. It is compatible with all significant browsers and programming platforms. It supportsvarious PDF features such as viewing, annotation, PDF content editing, forms, electronic signatures, bookmarks, thumbnails, and more.


The new and improved ComPDFKit Web Viewer 1.6.0 is now available, bringing a host of enhancements that increase document loading and downloading efficiency. The updated version includes document comparison, document encryption features, and support for link and image annotations.



Document Comparison


The document comparison process is straightforward, involving the upload of two PDF versions, setting the stroke or font colors for each, initiating the comparison, viewing the results in one document or side by side, and finally downloading the outcome. Try out the online web demo of ComPDFKit to compare PDF files now!


This feature is essential for highlighting and simplifying the differences between the two versions, offering both content and overlay comparison features. For the former, all text is compared character by character, providing a thorough review. As for overlay comparison, it uses a vector overlay approach for enhanced clarity and quality, especially beneficial for architects and engineers for identifying minimal differences in drawings and blueprints.


Implementation of this feature in SDKs involves creating new blank documents for the originals, and the content and path of these are set in different colors. Differences are visually presented and highlighted, with coordinates for each difference point provided for easy navigation through all changes.

Document Encryption


The Document Encryption feature protects against unauthorized data access or understanding without the key. It uses encryption algorithms to convert plaintext or data into an unreadable format. AES, DES (Data Encryption Standard), and RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) are a few examples of these algorithms, with each of them having their unique advantages and considerations, like security level, performance, and compatibility.


The decryption of a file, the inverse process of encryption, employs the use of the correct decryption algorithm and key to convert encrypted data back to its original form. Decryption permits authorized users to unlock and regain access to the encrypted data.


Modern cryptography is classified into symmetric encryption algorithms (Secret Key Encryption) and asymmetric encryption algorithms (Public Key Encryption). Symmetric encryption algorithms like AES use the same key for both encryption and decryption processes, which is typically faster and more efficient for encrypting large amounts of data. Asymmetric encryption algorithms like RSA, on the other hand, use a pair of keys - a public key for encryption and a private key for decryption. Public keys can be shared publicly while private keys must be kept confidential and well protected.


ComPDFKit offers several encryption algorithms, including RC4 and AES with 128-bit and 256-bit keys. Allow you to choose the algorithms and encryption level that best suits your needs, offering you more flexibility. With this versatility, you're able to strike a balance between higher security and quicker processing speeds. Thus, ComPDFKit ensures that you don’t compromise your operational efficiency while prioritizing security in your document handling.

More Added Features & Addressed Issues


ComPDFKit Web Viewer 1.6.0 now includes annotation links and images. This allows users to jump to specific pages, links, and email addresses. Image annotations improve the flexibility to add more annotation types to explain and markup PDFs.


We also improved the efficiency of document loading by storing the file on the server instead of uploading it to third-party cloud storage, thus saving upload time. File downloads have also been improved from being able to download a file stream, thereby ensuring document security and eliminating the need for uploading to a third-party cloud. When downloading, ComPDFKit Web Viewer also supports flattening the changes you made. It supports the merging of subsequent additional layers of comments, texts, and tables into the original PDF document, increasing file stability and shareability, and ensuring document consistency.

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