Content Comparison

Empower your apps to compare the text and image differences in 2 PDF files. ComPDFKit SDK for content comparison will compare each character to detect every change accurately.

Overlay Comparison
Old File
Step 1: Open PDF Files
Open the old and new documents.
New File
Step 2: Set Colors & Ranges
Choose the page ranges and content to compare. Set different colors for inserted, deleted, and replaced text or images.
View Results
Step 3: Check out the Results
Finish your settings and the changes will be marked on each PDF file and displayed side by side.

Overlay Comparison

Let developers overlay two differently colored construction plans and detailed drawings and identify all added, deleted, and overlapped strokes/content visually.

Content Comparison
Old File
Step 1: Open and Set for the Old File
Open the old document to specify the page range, color, and opacity for the strokes in the old file.
Old File
Step 2: Open the New File and Set It Up
Open the new document to specify the page range, color (different from the old file), and opacity for the strokes in the new file.
View Results
Step 3: Set Blend Mode and View Results
Choose a Blend Mode and overlap these two documents to compare them and see the differences in the merged document.
Overlay Comparison
Generate Change List
Generate and view all the changes between two PDF versions in a list programmatically and navigate the changes easily for your further processing.
Overlay Comparison
Set Colors
With ComPDFKit SDK, support setting file color (blend mode in Overlay Comparison, the old/new file color) to compare PDFs and mark any differences between documents more obvious.


Easy to Integrate
Integrate PDF functionalities easily with our powerful SDK and clear documentation and guides with few lines of code.
Fully Customizable UI
Design a unique interface for your products with fully customizable UI source code by a high-performing SDK.
Faster Time-to-Market
Comprehensive SDK libraries save your time and expenses and roll out your applications and projects.
High-quality Service
Provides 24/7 professional and 1-to-1 technical support and services. Onsite service or remote support like telephone and email are all available.

ComPDFKit provides us with out-of-the-box functions that can be easily integrated into our existing system, greatly saved our development time and replacement costs.

Sander Gautam

Project Manager, Information Technology

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