Overlay Comparison

Overlay comparison allows users to overlay two documents together for visual comparison, which is useful for identifying even small differences in construction plans and detailed drawings.

Content Comparison

Compare the text and image in the documents. Content comparison will compare each character to ensure accuracy.

Generate Change List

Use the change list to navigate to the next or last change, filter and display the corresponding type of changes according to your needs.

Set Colors

Set the colors of stroke colors or highlight colors as you like, making any differences between documents more obvious.

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Text Reflow


Add note annotation to documents and enchance the editing process. Icon shape and color are adjustable via the annotation inspector.
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Import & Export Annotations

Export and import annotations from PDF documents as FDF files to track changes and have all team notes in one document. Support three types of files to import/export data: XFDF, FDF, and JSON.
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