Secure your documents from unauthorized changes or tampering by locking them after signing with a freehand drawing signature using a fingertip, stylus, or mouse.



Ensure a seamless signing process. Take a photo of the closest handwritten signature to the original written signature in terms of looks and upload it to apply and encrypt forms.



Create a font-based signature that is both stylish and accessible. Choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and styles to create a signature that is uniquely yours.

Digital Signatures VS. Electronic Signatures
Which Is Your Choice?

Digital Signatures

Create a specific signature with a unique digital ID.
Tamper evident through a unique identifier issued by CA and self-signed certificates.
Use For:
High-security, compliance-driven, and regulated transactions.
Use In:
Property purchase agreements, lease agreements, and mortgage documents.
Electronic health records, medical documents, and consent for surgery
Legal agreements, and court documents.
Loan agreements, financial contracts, fund transfers, and transactions.

Electronic Signatures

Freehand, type text, or insert images as signing annotations in PDFs.
Verify identity with various methods (e.g., email, PIN).
Use For:
Routine, day-to-day business processes, and collaborative workflows.
Use In:
Purchase orders, shipping documents, and supplier contracts.
Employment contracts, onboarding documents, and performance reviews.
Enrollment forms, student agreements, and permission slips.


Easy to Integrate
Integrate PDF functionalities easily with our powerful SDK and clear documentation and guides with few lines of code.
Fully Customizable UI
Design a unique interface for your products with fully customizable UI source code by a high-performing SDK.
Faster Time-to-Market
Comprehensive SDK libraries save your time and expenses and roll out your applications and projects.
High-quality Service
Provides 24/7 professional and 1-to-1 technical support and services. Onsite service or remote support like telephone and email are all available.

ComPDFKit provides us with out-of-the-box functions that can be easily integrated into our existing system, greatly saved our development time and replacement costs.

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