5 Best PDF Conversion SDK Manufactures

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Mar 02
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With the popularization of online offices, cooperation through office documents has become a problem faced by everyone. Among the various formats, PDF files are favored by the public because of their stability. But there are also other file formats like Excel, PDF/A, XML, epub, etc., some of which may not be stable during the sending process. Therefore, they may need to be converted into PDF files. 


At present, in addition to PDF editing software that can realize the conversion function requirements, such as PDF Reader Pro. For enterprise users, there are two more secure and efficient ways. Let's find out together.

On-Device SDK & API 


The On-Device SDK is suitable for enterprises that have their own APP/system and have high requirements for file security. Then, the SDK can be integrated into their own APP/system without worrying about data leakage, and the conversion effect can be efficiently achieved. 


API is suitable for companies that need to convert a large number of files. They do not have high requirements on their own servers, so they do not need to spend unnecessary costs on the deployment server by calling the API from the manufacturer. And the API can be applied to all platforms, you can use the API to realize the conversion function in any platform. The way of using the API usually has less financial pressure. Whether it is a subscription or package system, it is more cost-effective than deploying a local SDK.


Below are the top five manufacturers that can provide PDF conversion SDK/API on the market. If you are interested, you can then make the connection with them and try it out.


1. Solid


As we know, Solid is one of the oldest file conversion software providers that supported conversion formats, including Microsoft Word (.docx and .doc), Microsoft Excel (.xlsx, .xml), and Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx). The current versions are Solid Converter PDF 9.0 for Windows and Solid PDF to Word for Mac 2.1. 


Solid Documents' flagship, "Solid Framework" can be found under the hood powering many professional document applications and platforms, including Adobe, Foxit, and Smallpdf.


8/21, 2021, PDFTron acquires PDF-to-Office innovator Solid Documents. The cost burden may be heavier for SMEs.


In the past, Solid technology was in a leading position, but with the rise of other SDK manufacturers, the gap has been gradually narrowed.

2. Aspose


Aspose.Pdf is a PDF document creation component based on .net, Java development language, which can help users to read, write and manipulate PDF files. Aspose is famous for its cost-effectiveness for developers who can realize the features independently. 


But it has to be said that Aspose needs to continue to improve its functions. It supports setting headers and footers, backgrounds, image editing, etc. But because it is aimed at .net and Java, there will be a long way to go to integrate into APPs on the various platforms. So if you’re time-consuming, you may need to find another solution.


3. ComPDFKit


ComPDFKit is currently the most comprehensive SDK on the market. It not only supports PDF to Office On-Device SDK, but also the ComPDFKit SaaS API which has been recently launched also supports conversion between PDF and Word, Excel, PPT, and Image. 


We mentioned the difference between On-Device SDK and API before. If a manufacturer supplies both, it means that whether it is a small and medium-sized enterprise that pays attention to cost performance or a large enterprise that values security and comprehensiveness, they can always find a suitable solution with ComPDFKit.




Converting PDF into MS Office formats is recognized as notoriously challenging within the document technology industry, few have overcome it, but at least they are on their way. The PSPDFKit PDF conversion API supports Office to PDF, Image to PDF, and HTML to PDF. 


PSPDFKit's service department does a good job but given their expensive offer, and lack of feature completeness, it may not be the best option for companies looking for value for money.


5. Flying Bee


Flying Bee provides a lot of conversion tools, and each format is disassembled to be made into a separate app, such as PDF to Word, PDF to JPG, etc. The price of the conversion SDK is still very cost-effective for internal use, suitable for the specific needs of individuals or small businesses.



We introduced five manufacturers that provide PDF conversion SDK. I believe you have a general understanding of the current situation of the conversion SDK market. If you need a conversion SDK, you can try those products, and then find a manufacturer that matches the current situation for cooperation. We are also more than happy to help you find the right solution, don't hesitate to contact us!