Best Data Extraction PDF SDKs [Comparison Table Included]

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Dec 01
Top List Data Extraction Conversion SDK

PDF has quickly become the best format for sharing and distributing documents across multiple platforms, and as a data source, it is widely used for many business reports and statements. In order to analyze and process this data and information better, we need to detect and extract the data in PDF and convert it into a usable and editable format. The PDF data extraction SDK can be integrated into applications or internal systems, which can more effectively improve the user's work efficiency and help users make better data analysis and operational decisions.


best data extraction PDF sdks


In this article, we will introduce the following PDF data extraction SDKs, their functionalities, advantages, and disadvantages for a simple comparative analysis.

   ComPDFKit: A professional and comprehensive PDF SDK provider that enables developers to quickly integrate PDF functionalities into Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and other platforms. It supports layout analysis of PDF files and scanned documents, can accurately extract text, tables, images, and other data, and export to JSON, Excel, CSV, XML, and other formats.

    •  PAI TECH: The company's data extraction tool, PDFlux PDF, supports PDF and scanned documents. It provides document structure recognition, including highly accurate OCR and form structure recognition.

    • ByteScout: A provider of unstructured data extraction solutions, tools, and APIs, its PDF Extractor SDK supports converting PDF to JSON, Excel, CSV, XML, and other formats.

    • iText: A company started with an open source project, the early days of providing a free PDF Java library, recently acquired by Apryse. Its product pdf2Data can easily recognize and extract the data in the document and save it in a structured, reusable format.


Data Extraction PDF SDKs Features Comparison 


To help you choose the right PDF SDK solution, we have compiled a PDF SDK features comparison table to help you analyze and compare the PDF SDK's text extraction, table extraction, image extraction, data export formatting, and other PDF features.


Data Extraction PDF SDKs Features Comparison



Best PDF Data Extraction SDK Recommended


1. ComPDFKit SDK

Key Features:

    • Document AI supports layout analysis, AI table recognition, image processing, stamp detection, etc.

    • Support for using artificial intelligence and machine learning to accurately extract data.

    • Enable to perform OCR on all kinds of file formats with intelligence models, and support more than 90 languages.

    • Support for converting PDF to/from Office, HTML, PNG, TXT, etc., allowing to export data as JSON, Excel, CSV, XML, and other formats.


    •  Fast integration across all platforms without programming language limitations.

    • Comprehensive PDF SDK enables customization and integration of data extraction with other PDF functionalities.

    • Customizable for both small businesses and large enterprise companies.

    • Free 30-day trial available to all users.


    • Text paragraph recognition, directory structure recognition, and attachment extraction are not supported at this time.

    • Integration may require a certain level of technical expertise.



Key Features:

    • Recognize tables and text content in PDF or images.

    • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, HTML, EPUB, MOBI, and other formats.

    • Support for PDF annotations, markups, comments, and online sharing.


    • AI Intelligent Recognition and Extraction.

    • Support private cloud and localized deployment.

    • Customized development to fit business scenarios.

    • Seamlessly integrates with internal software platforms.


    •  Attachment extraction is not supported at this time.

    • Mobile device compatibility is not mentioned.

    • No support for PDF integration with other workflow automation features.


3. ByteScout - PDF Extractor SDK

Key Features:

    • Support automatic extraction of tables, text, and other data.

    • Support for converting PDF to JSON, XML, CSV, Excel, HTML, and other formats.

    • Extract embedded images and attachments.

    • Include the set of extra tools like a tool to protect your PDFs from being copied or searched, a tool to merge or split PDF documents, remove text, delete and rearrange pages.


    • Allow to process millions of PDF documents.

    •  Easy to use and integrate into your existing systems seamlessly.

    • Support documents with mixed languages and Unicode languages.


    • No support for text paragraph recognition, or directory structure recognition.

    • No mention of support for PDF annotation extraction.

    • No mention of mobile device compatibility.


4. iText - pdf2Data

Key Features:

    • Support for extracting text, images, and other content from PDF documents.

    • Intuitive extraction configuration.

    • Use templates to streamline extraction.


    • Fast and user-friendly.

    • Suitable for any document with a predictable structure, such as invoices, forms, purchase orders, reports, bank statements, etc.

    • Simple integration.


    • Not suitable for batch processing of documents.

    • No support for text paragraph recognition, directory structure recognition, and attachment extraction at this time.

    • No mention of whether PDF annotation extraction is supported.



This article introduces four PDF data extraction SDKs and compares and analyzes their features, advantages, and disadvantages, so you can choose the right SDK company according to your own project situation and project budget.


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