5 Features Realized by Command-Line Tools

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Jan 11
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We have introduced different ways to integrate the SDK into your APP/system before, but in practice, some customers do not need many functions. They may need a certain function, such as Redaction. Then they can integrate this function in an easy way to save development time and cost. Now we will introduce this convenient integration method below.



What Is a Command-Line Tool?


Command-line tools (CMD) is a text-based interface that interacts with a specific program. Within that program, the user is able to set commands in text form. This allows them to view and manage files.


The CMD was first used in the 1960s. Before the mouse appeared, the CMD was the only way to communicate with the computer. Today, many developers still choose to use it because the advantages of the CMD cannot be replaced by the current development and integration methods.


Advantages & Disadvantages


The advantages of CMD:

- Wait for the processing results only by entering commands. 

- It takes up less memory and has faster CPU processing times. 

- It can also handle repetitive tasks easily. 

- When it comes to adware, viruses, and malware, command-line tools are highly effective tools.


The disadvantages of CMD:

- It requires high accuracy, basically no room for mistakes. 

- If you enter the code by mistake, the command line may crash and you have to start all over again.


So if you are new to programming, there will be a lot of things to remember, and you need to stay focused at all times.



5 Major Features that Can Be Realized By CMD


As we know above, everyone should have a good understanding of its advantages. Then, what functions can be realized through the CMD to improve the work efficiency of enterprises? Below, we'll go over the five main functions of PDF.


1. Redaction


Redaction is the process of permanently removing any PDF content from your PDF files, such as text, data, images, etc. It is one of the safest ways you can secure your highly sensitive information. To know more about it, please click here.


In the legal industry, for example, some key information needs to be erased, such as the name of the plaintiff, and the defendant, home address, etc. With CMD, you can directly enter the command through the command line to directly obtain the marked document, which is very important for heavy legal documents. That being said, it will save a lot of processing time.

Redaction of ComPDFKit


2. Signature


There are two different kinds of signatures: electronic signatures like typed, images, and handwriting, and digital signatures with CAs. For more information, you can check here.


When a large number of documents need to be processed and signed for confirmation, CMD shows its advantages. The CMD can preset the signature position, you only need to enter the signature, select the file to be signed, and then batch-process it. It is suitable for internal use of the company, insurance, pharmaceutical industry, etc, to batch processing files.

Signature of ComPDFKit


3. Extract Text/Images


When you need to extract all images from PDF and use them further like producing presentations, reports, or redesigning something else, you may find it difficult to save all images one by one. With CMD, you can extract all text or images at once, just typing the command and waiting for it. 


You can set the command to extract all images and generate a new PDF. Isn’t it brilliant? Moreover, you can also combine other features like remote the images, redaction, or even signing a signature.

Extract Text/Images by ComPDFKit


4. Page Manipulation


Imagine a case, you need to add a certain page to a lot of PDFs, it will be a time-consuming nightmare to accomplish it one by one and save it as a new file. 


Whether to delete a certain page or rotate, replace, etc, it can all be done by CMD.

Page Manipulation of ComPDFKit


5. Password, Header/Footer, Watermark, Bates Number


Except for redaction, and signatures, there’re other ways to protect a PDF file. Such as passwords, header/footer, and watermarks. These features are fully customizable, and with CMD, it will become more convenient to protect your files. 


Bates numbers are most commonly used by government agencies, legal institutions, medical practices, and commercials, where documents that need to be processed can have up to thousands of pages. Commonly, they are a combination of numbers and letters that become unique identification numbers for each page. 

Other ways to protect a PDF file with ComPDFKit


ComPDFKit is able to provide the features above, and there are more for you to explore. Please don't hesitate to contact us!