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Case Study: How An Aviation Company Uses ComPDFKit to Streamline Flight Releases

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Feb 08
Case Study Aviation

Flying is never a simple operation, requiring precise calculations and strict procedures to ensure flight safety. The main operations include viewing performance and aircraft manuals, making chart materials, weather information, etc., and electronic flight bags (EFBs) will also be used by the flying crew to manage the whole process.



What Is EFB?


First of all, let's talk about the background of aviation. The EFB gets its name from the traditional pilot's flight bag, which is typically a heavy (up to or over 18 kg or 40 lb) document bag that pilots carry to the cockpit. 


EFBs are generally considered to be a combination of hardware and software. EFBs were initially divided into a number of hardware classes and software types. However, later EFBs simply were categorized as "Portable" (PEDs) or "Installed". Portable can be considered to consolidate the previous Class 1 and 2 distinctions, while Installed is equivalent to Class 3. To know more about it, please refer here.


EFB may also host applications, which are initially categorized into three software categories.

- Type A

    Static applications, such as document viewer (PDF, HTML, and XML formats);

    Flight Crew Operating Manuals, and other printed documents like airport NOTAM;

- Type B

    Static or dynamic electronic "charts" to include (though not requiring) panning, zooming, and scrolling;

- Type C

    Being used as a Multi-function display (MFD); in at least one case as part of an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast system. Type C applications must run only on Class 3 EFB.


The Pros of EFBs


- Large files load (fast, light) quickly and accurately display the files faced by pilots, dispatchers, and flight crews

- Checklist, handy for the flight crew to add notes, and checks 

- Document synchronization ensures all stakeholders are working on the latest flight plans, passenger/cargo manifests, etc., rather than outdated ones, which may lead to errors and omissions

- Allow users to work on documents offline and synchronize changes when they are online

- Improve safety and enhance flight crew access to operating procedures and flight management information


EFB of Flight Companies





ComPDFKit PDF SDK with its powerful functions combine the advantages of EFB mentioned above. Besides, it can provide additional support from the following aspects:


- Search & Selection — it allows users to quickly search and locate flight postings by indexed search keywords

- Night mode  —  if it is paper, there will be safety hazards when flying at night, but the night mode of the electronic flight bag can solve this problem

- Signature  —  it can also be flattened to avoid malicious changes; electronic signature with identity

- Add bookmarks

- Provide users with customized views and toolsets that make reviewing and signing off on releases a breeze



Final Words


We have introduced how an aviation company uses ComPDFKit to streamline flight releases. If you want to know more about EFBs, please don’t hesitate to contact us!