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How Company ET Uses ComPDFKit React Native to Empower PDF Editing

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Dec 27
IT React Native Case Study

ET Company is a leading technology solutions provider committed to delivering innovative software solutions to clients. With a team of technology experts, ET Company stays ahead of the ever-evolving tech landscape to cater to both startups and established enterprises. They follow an agile approach to software development, ensuring no compromise on performance, feature parity, security, or scale.


In today's digital era, effective collaboration and seamless PDF document workflow are pivotal for businesses to thrive. ET company needed a PDF SDK that would facilitate the annotation and editing of PDF drawings within their applications. So they can provide a smooth and efficient app solution for their enterprise users to work with PDF documents.   


Here, we will delve into the challenges faced by ET Company and explore how ET Company leveraged ComPDFKit for React Native to enhance their program the PDF editing capabilities.


“ComPDFKit’s product works well on real devices,” the comment from ET Company.

ET Company's Program


ET company recently embarked on the development of a novel application tailored for both iOS and Android platforms, intending to provide a complete PDF collaboration workflow to enterprises. They use the React Native framework for their cross-platform mobile app development.


ET's project involves intricate dealings with PDF documents, necessitating an array of features for reviewing, approving, and modifying PDF drawings. The expectation was to have the ability not only to annotate but also to edit PDF files to facilitate a seamless document workflow within the application.




Except for the basic features to manipulate PDF files, they faced the following challenges:


         - Budget constraints: As with any new venture, financial resources were limited. They required a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

         - Swift integration: The ability to rapidly integrate with their project was crucial, to ensure fast development and deployment cycles.

         - High-performance SDK with robust features: ET demanded a PDF SDK that was stable and powerful.

         - Industry relevance: Preference was given to partners boasting a successful track record in the blueprint design industry, such cooperators could have a deep understanding of ET's unique project requirements.

         - Minimum SDK size: Given that PDF processing was just one piece of the project's larger functionality jigsaw, the PDF SDK can't be bloated.


Considering these challenges, ET required a partner like ComPDFKit, which offers a cross-platform PDF SDK solution for React Native. This could provide the perfect blend of performance, feature-richness, and industry-specific expertise, all in a lightweight package suitable for the needs of a fledgling app destined for widespread mobile distribution.

ComPDFKit for React Native: A Powerful Solution


ComPDFKit for React Native is a market-proven SDK with over a decade of technological advancements, delivering a robust and stable feature set that includes capabilities such as PDF viewing, annotation, content editing, page editing, form creation, and form filling. The solution provided to ET Company included pivotal features like PDF annotation and content editing that supplemented their workflow, detailed as follows:



         - Edit Contents in PDFs: Empowered the ET App to edit text and images within the PDF files, allowing for minute adjustments and annotations on variances in content, such as numbers, text notes, images, etc.

         - Annotation: During approval processes, ET Company could highlight, underline, strikeout, and add other annotations to specific parts of the PDF drawings.


Why ComPDFKit


Provided support through video conferences, Skype, and remote assistance, the ComPDFKit team solved any issues ET company faced during the collaboration and project implementation. And cleared up their misgivings with the following highlights:


         - Considering ET Company's project needs, ComPDFKit for React Native addressed their concerns effectively by offering preferential support for small and micro-enterprises, which efficiently managed time-sensitive projects with limited budgets.

         - The ComPDFKit solution is easily integrable and can be packaged with the necessary features tailored for the project requirements, thus minimizing unnecessary memory load.

         - With years of foundational experience in the PDF industry and numerous successful collaborations across various sectors, ComPDFKit has a clear understanding of client project requirements and offers appropriate solutions. This was a key factor in the successful partnership with ET Company.


ET Company's Words, “Working with ComPDFKit has been both a pleasure and a seamless experience. They have superbly met all our project requirements for processing PDF files, and their support throughout has been commendable.”



Our collaboration with ET Company serves as a compelling testimony to the effectiveness of ComPDFKit for React Native. By integrating ComPDFKit for React Native, ET Company delivers a consistent and high-quality user experience across all devices, ensuring that their users can access, edit, and manage PDF documents with ease and precision.


Looking ahead, ET Company can continue to leverage ComPDFKit's advanced features and ongoing technical support to further enhance its PDF editing capabilities and drive innovation in its industry.


We are committed to further innovating and evolving our solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the digital world. By choosing ComPDFKit for React Native, businesses can rest assured that they are equipped with a robust, reliable, and agile tool for all their PDF-related needs.