Best MuPDF Alternative to Solve App Kit Has Been Discontinued

By ComPDFKit | 2024 Jan 15
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MuPDF is a lightweight open-source software framework for viewing and converting PDF, XPS, and E-book documents.  MuPDF App Kit libraries can quickly and easily integrate basic PDF functions for Android and iOS platforms, which used to be a common choice for developing both Android and iOS PDF viewers. 


However, MuPDF App Kit has been discontinued. This discontinuation affects numerous Android & iOS PDF viewers and editors relying on MuPDF App Kit libraries, rendering them incapable of delivering PDF functionalities to users. As a result, there is an urgent need to find an alternative to MuPDF in order to restore the functionality of PDF viewers and editors.





We are pleased to present ComPDFKit as the best MuPDF alternative. It stands out as a reliable choice with consistent updates and iterations, committed to delivering robust PDF functionalities and ensuring an unparalleled user experience. ComPDFKit is a powerful PDF library for Android, iOS, cross-platform, and more platform development with detailed guides. Explore the ComPDFKit Android Libraries and iOS Libraries on GitHub for seamless integration, and delve into our comprehensive tutorial on how to migrate from MuPDF to ComPDFKit Android SDK.


What Makes ComPDFKit the Best MuPDF Alternative?


Rich and Robust Features


According to our research, MuPDF has limited PDF features and poor user interface and performance. Its current functionality is restricted to basic PDF operations, lacking advanced features. Fortunately, ComPDFKit not only includes all the features of MuPDF, but also offers more. Here is a simple comparison table listing the key features of a PDF editor. To know all the features of ComPDFKit PDF SDK for Android/iOS, please visit our feature list




MuPDF App Kit

PDF Navigation

Text Search & Selection

Annotation Types

Create & Delete Annotations

Edit Annotations

Annotation Appearances

Import / Export Annotations


Flatten Annotations


Undo / Redo



Electronic Signature

Digital Signature

Document Editor

Extract Image




PDF Permission




Content Editor



Compare Documents






Continuous Updates and Iterations


Apart from rich features, one distinctive aspect of ComPDFKit is its continuous updates and iterations. It eliminates the worries about the same situation where support for MuPDF App Kit has been discontinued. We prioritize client feedback, leveraging it to develop new features and enhance PDF technology. Our changelog clearly demonstrates that the ongoing updates not only introduce new functionalities but also address issues promptly, contributing to the continual optimization of ComPDFKit, and ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.




Process PDFs with High Performance


ComPDFKit for Android & iOS guarantees exceptional precision and speed across PDF rendering, information extraction, and file conversion. Whether rendering PDFs, extracting information or structured data from PDF documents, or converting PDF files from or to other formats, ComPDFKit consistently delivers outstanding accuracy and efficiency. This helps developers get rid of poor performance for the end users when using MuPDF App Kit.


Integrate Rapidly and Easily


Rapid integration of ComPDFKit makes it a preferred choice for developers seeking quick and hassle-free incorporation of PDF functionalities into their applications. Our comprehensive documentation facilitates a seamless integration process, allowing developers to add PDF functions with a few lines of code. 


Professional & Timely Tech Support


The focus on feedback has prompted ComPDFKit to place a strong emphasis on providing top-notch technical support to clients. We are committed to fast response, ensuring that developers receive timely assistance when encountering queries or challenges when understanding our documentation or integrating our SDK with their apps. Our professional R&D team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to address issues promptly and effectively via one-on-one voice and video calls. Therefore, the problem of being unable to get technical support when using the open-source MuPDF App Kit no longer exists. 


Extensive Experience and Goodwill


ComPDFKit’s mission is to provide comprehensive PDF SDK solutions to empower smarter, faster, and more efficient product-building work. ComPDFKit's longevity in the industry has allowed it to build a solid foundation, obtaining trust from developers and businesses. As a trusted PDF SDK provider, ComPDFKit has accumulated extensive experience and case stories. Users can rely on ComPDFKit not only for its robust features and performance but also for its stability and reliability.


Cost-effective Solution for Developers


ComPDFKit offers a tailored community license for individual developers and startups, enabling them to swiftly create PDF editors at a more affordable price. Consider switching from MuPDF App Kit to ComPDFKit by exploring our Android and iOS PDF SDK for free using a 30-day trial key. Enjoy the assurance of a 30-day money-back guarantee, 24/5 email support, limitless bug requests, and access to remote assistance.




If you are looking for an alternative to MuPDF App Kit, the best choice is to get the free trial of ComPDFKit with comprehensive PDF functions, including view, annotate, form fill, sign, compress, secure, convert, and more. Seamlessly integrate these powerful PDF capabilities into your Android/iOS app for outstanding performance and precise results. Our commitment to customer feedback and needs drives continuous updates and iterations, ensuring a superior experience for your users.


For developers seeking to create PDF viewers for Windows, Web, Mac, or other cross-platforms, ComPDFKit provides robust support. Contact us to elevate your developing experience with ComPDFKit today!