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Case Study: The Ideal PDF Conversion Solution for PDF Converter

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Aug 11
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Kifont, is a software company, mainly providing file conversion, providing accurate conversion function for their app’s users.


They found us for PDF file conversion. Mr. Li, their developer, tried ComPDFKit's demo APP - PDF Reader Pro, and expressed his satisfaction, stating, "I tried your demo app, and the results are impressive."


The demand for efficient and accurate document conversion solutions is huge. But the companies who can provide the indepensive conversion technologies are limited. Our company, PDF Technologies, Inc., has been working on this technology for many years and has accumulated rich experience in the field of conversion. 


ComPDFKit, the product of PDF Technologies, Inc., is a leading SDK & API library in the field of PDF reading, editing, and conversion and has gained recognition for its exceptional capabilities in delivering high-quality results. This article explores a client's PDF conversion project, and why ComPDFKit's API solution proved to be the ideal choice, and our client - Kifont, choose it.

The Client's App: PDF Converter


Based on the customer information provided, the client has developed an app called PDF Converter with a focus on PDF format document conversion capabilities. The app has been developed using XCode as the development environment and Objective-C as the development language. 


The app is designed for external use and targets end-users who require PDF conversion services. It will be available for sale on various app stores. Initially, the app will be launched for iOS devices, with plans to expand its availability to MacOS in the future.


Required Features:

         - Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT

         - Convert Word, Excel, PPT to PDF

         - PDF compression

Challenges Faced by the Kifont


         - Urgent Project: The client aims to launch the app within one to two months. It required easy-to-integrated SDK and fast tech support.

         - Intense Market Competition: The fierce competition in the market for PDF conversion apps. The app should be able to convert PDF files into the desired format within a few minutes and accurately.

         - Limited Budget: As for their company, there are only limited financial resources available for this project. But they were looking for an experienced team and expertized SDK product that could help them address all of these challenges.

Explor PDF Library Manufacturers


Mr. Li discovered ComPDFKit through a Google search and requested a trial of our demo. Although their short product time, and being impressed with ComPDFKit's conversion quality and reasonable price, they wanted to look for the right technology provider and conducted further tests on other competitors such as Apryse, Foxit, Solid, etc.


But, Mr. Li discovered multiple limitations of the other vendors, including:

         - Encoding issues: resulting in garbled text

         - Layout changes: formatting and alignment

         - Inaccurate line breaks.

         - Poorly rendered indents in paragraphs.

         - Exorbitantly high prices.

         - Unindependent Technologies.

         - Incomplete Conversion Features.




Advantages of ComPDFKit:

         - Independent PDF Technologies

         - Comprehensive Functionalities

         - Stable Performance

         - Superior Conversion Results

         - Minimal Bugs

         - Competitive Pricing


Advantages of ComPDFKit


Technical Difficulties Addressed by ComPDFKit:

         - AI-Powered PDF Conversion SDK: Leveraging AI technology to improve conversion accuracy

         - Layout Recovery: Convert files accurately, maintaining file layouts

         - Pre-training Models: Extensive AI model training to tackle common conversion errors

         - Complex Documents: Advanced OCR capabilities for complex documents, ensuring the desired output

         - Scanned Files: Enhanced OCR for scanned documents, promoting text reusability

         - Low-quality Images: Image preprocessing for low-quality images to improve conversion accuracy

         - Convert with Table Recognition: Support for various table types, including borderless and partially bordered tables

         - Custom: Customizable conversion formats based on client requirements (flow-based or box-based layout for PDF to Word conversion)


Undoubtedly, the integration of AI technology into the conversion process is an inevitable trend in enhancing conversion efficiency. PDF Technologies' research and development team has invested lots of time in tackling conversion challenges, enabling us to stand out as one of the few independent providers of reliable conversion solutions on the market.

ComPDFKit API Solution


Considering the cost, Mr. Li wanted to seek a cost-effective solution that could match the conversion quality of ComPDFKit SDK. To address this, we suggested our ComPDFKit API. Upon testing our ComPDFKit Online Tools, which serve as a demonstration of the capabilities of the ComPDFKit API, Mr. Li was pleased to find that it maintained the same high conversion quality across all our products. Our unwavering commitment to delivering superior results inspired Mr. Li's confidence, ultimately persuading him to choose our solution for his project.


ComPDFKit's API solution offers clients a reliable and efficient way to achieve their desired document conversion functionalities. By incorporating advanced AI technology, ComPDFKit consistently delivers precise and accurate results, making it the ideal choice for clients seeking a cost-effective and superior conversion solution. Embracing the future of document transformation, PDF Technologies remains committed to pushing the boundaries of conversion technology and satisfying clients' evolving needs.


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