The Ultimate Buying Guide to ComPDFKit PDF API: Enhance Your App with Top-notch PDF Capabilities

By ComPDFKit | 2024 May 17
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In today's digital world, handling PDF files efficiently is key to any software's success. That's where ComPDFKit PDF API comes in – your go-to solution for adding powerful PDF functionality to your apps with ease. Whether it's for editing, converting, extracting, or compressing PDFs, ComPDFKit is the toolkit you need.


Ready to supercharge your application with advanced PDF features? Our concise buying guide will cover everything about ComPDFKit PDF API, showing you why it stands out and how it can seamlessly fit into your project. Let's dive in and discover how ComPDFKit can take your app's PDF experience to the next level.


Understanding ComPDFKit PDF API

ComPDFKit PDF API is a powerful tool that facilitates PDF processing in various applications, we focus on streamlining your workflows with secure and reliable PDF API.

API(Application Programming Interface) is an intermediary that allows software systems to communicate and share data seamlessly. The core function of the ComPDFKit PDF API is to enable developers and businesses to incorporate cutting-edge PDF functionalities into their software solutions. These PDF functionalities include:


· Data extraction

· Document conversion

· Image recognition

· Page manipulation

· Compression

· Watermarking


· Image Conversion

· Document Comparision


ComPDFKit PDF API makes integration a breeze. It works smoothly with popular programming languages like Java, Python, and JavaScript, using simple HTTP requests. This compatibility means you can enhance any application with robust PDF features without worrying about language barriers. To make it easier and more efficient to integrate the ComDPFKit API, we also provide API libraries for multiple programming languages, including :


· Java


· Python

· C#.NET

· Swift

· Node.js

· C/C++

· Kotlin

· Ruby

· Go


The ComPDFKit API Libraries are organized around the REST standard, developers can seamlessly integrate PDF functions into any app or system with our secure and reliable PDF API.


Why Choose ComPDFKit PDF API for Your Project

ComPDFKit PDF API stands out with security, easy integration, low cost, and flexibility.

· Security: Encrypt data and no documents and data storage. Securely process PDF files with ComPDFKit API.

· Easy to Integrate: Four steps complete the direct API calling and finish the task: make a request, upload your file, process, and check the results.

· Save Costs: Save expenses and minimize server management. Fast integration lets you free from traditional document processing tasks.

· Suitable for Different Businesses: Our flexible API, pricing, and services give small, medium, and large businesses suitable API solutions.


Pricing Models and Package

ComPDFKit PDF API is designed to provide developers with flexibility and scalability. We offer multiple pricing plans including a free plan, monthly subscription, annual subscription, and Package. Here's a breakdown of the API plans:


API Free Plan

· Up to 1,000 Documents / Month


Monthly Subscription

· $100 / Month (Tax Included), up to 5,000 Documents / Month

· $180 / Month (Tax Included), up to 10,000 Documents / Month


Annual Subscription (Get 20% OFF)

· $80 / Month (Tax Included), up to 5,000 Documents / Month, Billed yearly $960

· $144 / Month (Tax Included), up to 10,000 Documents / Month, Billed yearly $1,728


Package Plan

· $120 (Tax Included), up to 5,000 Documents / Month

· $216 (Tax Included), up to 10,000 Documents / Month


Enterprise Customization

· Custom and flexible plans for high-volume processing, just contact us.


Difference between Subscription and Package

Here's a concise and easily understandable version of your ComPDFKit API subscription and package options:


1. Monthly Subscription:

· Pay each month and get a set number of API calls based on your plan.

· If you need more, simply buy a larger plan.

· Charges are billed monthly.


2. Annual Subscription:

· Works like the monthly plan but pays for the whole year at once.

· Enjoy a 20% discount for committing yearly.

· You'll still receive your monthly quota of API calls.

For example:

If you need 5,000 API calls per month, you'll pay $100 monthly or save with an annual payment of $960 (rather than $1200). Each month, you'll get 5,000 API calls credited to your account.

Please Note:

· Unused API calls don't roll over to the next month.

· If you run out, you'll need to buy extra calls.

· The subscription is automatically deducted, so no worries about missing a payment and losing access.


3. Package Plan

· Charges only by the number of API requests.

· No time limit.

· Its calling unit price will be higher than the subscription system with a time limit.

For example:

If you need 5,000 API requests with the Package plan, you need to pay $120 to ComPDFKit API at one time, and these 5000 document assets you have purchased can be used until they are used up.


How to Make the Purchase

1. ComPDFKit API fully supports online shopping, online payment, online inquiry, and online invoicing services, enter our official website Store, and you can choose the best Price plans that fit you!




2. After clicking Buy Now, you can reconfirm your purchase information including purchase account and payment price, and select the gradient. After confirming that there is no error, click the next step Continue.



3. On the billing page, you can fill in the billing information, this information will be used for ComPDFKit API in your successful purchase to generate electronic invoices used to confirm that the information is correct, that is, select the payment method to pay!

ComPDFKit API only supports PayPal for the time being, if you need to pay for other payment platforms, you can click Contact Sales to contact us, and we can provide you with other payment channels, or offline transfer services!



4. After completing the payment, you will see the payment success page, then you can directly enter the Dashboard to view your account information. If the payment fails, you can click the re-pay button on the current page to pay again.



The purchase process has been completed here!


Then you can go to the ComPDFKit PDF API dashboard and the account center to monitor projects and API requests, access API keys, customize their account information, view API plans and billing details, and download invoices.



Q: Does the number of unused API documents carry over to the next billing cycle?

A: For Subscription plans, the amount of unused API documentation expires at the end of the billing cycle and does not carry over to the next billing cycle. For Package plans, the number of unused API documents is not limited by the cycle, and you can use the package APIs to process documents at any time.


Q: What happens when files can't be processed?

A: Only successfully processed files are counted and deducted from your remaining file volume. If you are subscribed to a monthly/yearly plan and have purchased a package plan. The files will always be deducted first from your subscribed plan file volume. When merging more than one PDF file in the same task, this will be counted as one file being processed.


Q: What information do you store?

A: We don't store any data used to generate the document or the generated document itself. All files will be deleted as soon as a request finishes. No file will be stored in our system. To know more, read our privacy policy.


Q: What is the refund policy?

A: If you find that our API is not suitable for you, for subscription plans, you can cancel the renewal in your PayPal account and you will not be charged for the next billing cycle. Package plans are not refundable. If you have any other questions, please contact our support team, thank you!



ComPDFKit provides extensive developer support for PDF API integration, including:


· Documentation: Detailed technical documentation to assist developers in API utilization.

· API Libraries: Multiple API libraries are available in Java, PHP, Swift, Python, C#, and other programming languages.

· Technical Support: Free 24/5 instant technical assistance from our experienced R&D team.