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By ComPDFKit | 2024 May 16
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ComPDFKit PDF API is designed for developers to quickly and easily integrate PDF editor, converter, OCR, data extraction, watermark, and other PDF features into your apps or systems, effectively and securely processing PDF documents. The ComPDFKit PDF API dashboard and account center empowers developers to monitor projects and API requests, access API keys, customize their account information, view API plans and billing details, and download invoices.


This post will provide an in-depth overview of each module within your ComPDFKit API admin account, including:


· Projects: API Dashboard, API Keys, and Webhook

· Account Setting: Username and Password

· Billing: Plan, Billing Information, and Invoice center

· Support: Documentation, API reference, Language setting, and Contact information


Access a Free API Account

The API account is available in both the free trial and production environment. Existing users can log in to access the admin panel. New users can sign up with their email to receive 1000 free interface calls per month for any PDF tools, including:


PDF to Word PDF to Excel PDF to PPT PDF to HTML
Data Extraction PDF to Editable PDF Image to Word Image to Excel
Image to PPT Image to HTML Image to RTF Image to CSV
Image to TXT Word to PDF Excel to PDF PPT to PDF
TXT to PDF Merge PDF Split PDF Rotate PDF
Delete PDF Insert PDF Extract PDF Compare PDF
OCR Layout Analysis Image Sharpening Enhancement Form Recognizer
Trim Correction Stamp Inspection Add Watermark Compression PDF


If 1000 free requests per month are insufficient, you can explore our package options by visiting the Pricing page to determine the best fit for your needs.




Projects and API Dashboard

Here, you can review all your projects, API keys, API calls for each project, and any webhooks configured within your program.



The ComPDFKit API Dashboard captures data from your API calls and presents it through interactive charts. It provides developers with valuable insights into their API usage and PDF requests, enabling them to:


· Track assets and API usage

· Monitor integration performance

· Access detailed reports on failed requests for troubleshooting

· View the Graphical timeline of your successful and failed API requests for a given integration

· Check the Log of the specific API calls made for an integration, which can be filtered by projects, PDF tools, and time or downloaded as an Excel file


Using the API Dashboard

The API Dashboard showcases metrics and details for your API calls, offering a filter option for focused data viewing. It presents graphed metrics for a selected time frame, defaulting to the Last 24 hours, across four tabs:


· Successful Requests: The sum of the files that have been successfully processed to completion.

· Error Requests: The sum of the files that failed to be processed.

· Error Ratio: The percentage of the files that failed to process.

· Average Process Time: Average Process Time is the average processing time of the original file from the beginning to the end.

Please note: Average Process Time may be affected by the size of the file you are uploading and the network environment.


The API Dashboard allows you to download the log of all API calls by clicking the download icon button. The log data is saved in an Excel file and mirrors the data fields displayed in the API call graph view.



API Keys

API Keys consist of a public key and a secret key, essential for verifying your identity when integrating the PDF API into your project and making API requests.

Upon registration, the system generates a default project for your usage, which can be customized by renaming it. You have the flexibility to create and manage new projects and sub-projects, allowing for statistical data differentiation. Key features of projects and API keys include:


· No limit on the number of projects

· Projects must have unique names to avoid duplicates

· Each project has distinct and independent public and secret keys

· API call data within each project contributes to the account assets tally. Depletion of account assets will lead to API call failures across all projects




Webhooks are reverse APIs that automatically send task or file information to the client you specify when our server updates it in the Webhooks paradigm. You can set up Webhooks to avoid periodic calls to APIs.

You can configure multiple Webhooks for event monitoring, monitoring six types of events:


· task.start

· task.finish

· task.overdue

· file.start

· file.success

· file.failed


For additional event dimensions, please reach out to us.


Account Setting

In the account setting section, developers can update usernames and passwords to enhance account security. Please note that the email address, which serves as your fixed identity in ComPDFKit PDF API, cannot be modified.




This section encompasses your API plan, billing details, and invoice information.



It displays the pricing plan your account owns, including the pricing plan name, the amount of API assets, the validity period, and the processing files balance. You can see at a glance under each Plan data usage status, as well as the overall data change logs.

· Every account is allocated a free plan with 1000 API requests monthly.

· If your account includes multiple purchases (e.g., subscription and package packages), each will be displayed as distinct Plan cards indicating type and expiration date.

· Upon purchasing a plan from ComPDFKit API, the free plan will no longer be applicable.



Billing Information

Your invoice will contain billing details such as your name, company, company address, country, state, ZIP/Postal code, and billing email address.

· You can utilize your company's information for billing to streamline subsequent invoice processing if required.

· The billing email address will receive our electronic invoices post API plan purchases, which may differ from your account email. Typically, customers use the company's financial email address for billing communications.



Invoices Center

The Invoices Center facilitates post-purchase invoice management, enabling downloads or email delivery of invoices. ComPDFKit API's online payment system exclusively provides electronic invoices. For paper invoice requirements, please contact our sales team.

The online invoice format aligns with the example shown below (the depicted information is for illustration purposes only).




ComPDFKit provides extensive developer support for PDF API integration, including:

· Documentation: Detailed technical documentation to assist developers in API utilization.

· API Libraries: Multiple API libraries available in Java, PHP, Swift, Python, C#, and other programming languages.

· Technical Support: Free 24/5 instant technical assistance from our experienced R&D team.

· Multi-language Support: The account panel supports English and Simplified Chinese language switching. Contact us for additional language options.