1000 Files / Month Free Trial - Free PDF API for PDF Processing

By ComPDFKit | 2024 Jan 04
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We are pleased to announce that ComPDFKit API has introduced a FREE TRIAL that allows you to process 1000 files per month for free. Our PDF API provides comprehensive functions for processing PDF documents, including editing, conversion, watermarking, OCR, etc. Today, all these PDF functions are available without cost and limitations with the ComPDFKit API free trial.


What Is ComPDFKit API Free Trial?

To help startups and individual developers integrate PDF SDK, our community license offers custom and affordable plans. If you prefer to directly call ComPDFKit API to save expenses and minimize server management, our free trial for ComPDFKit API is the best choice. It can process 1000 documents for free within a 30-day validity period. In the next month, you'll gain access to an additional 1000 file processing opportunities. Call our PDF API,  it is quick and easy to add full PDF functionality to your application or system. For startups whose apps/systems have only hundreds of users, it is a zero-cost solution. 


How to Obtain Our Free Trial


Step 1: Creating a Free Account on ComPDFKit


Directly register a free ComPDFKit API account by offering a valid email address. 



Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be welcomed by the page below, which shows an overview of your plan details.




As you can see on the dashboard, you can process 1000 documents per month, and you’ll be able to access all our PDF API tools. 


Step 2 : Obtaining the API Key for Authentication


After you’ve verified your email, you can get your API key from the dashboard. In the menu on the left, click API Keys. You’ll see the following page, which is an overview of your keys:




Comparison: Free Trial of PDF APIs

PSPDFKit and ILovePDF both have free trials for PDF API as well. We have collected the information about their plans and compared them, helping you make the right decision.






Number of Free Processing PDFs

1000/ Mon

100/ Mon

250/ Mon

Supported Features

All API tools

All API tools

Besides OCR, Digital Signatures, and PDF to PDF/A


Unlimited File Size

Limited to 5MB

Most features are limited to 15MB, others to 200M

Batching Processing

Unlimited Parallelism tasks


Most features support processing one file at a time

Other Limitations

No limitations

- PDFs will be watermarked
- Requests are rate-limited to 10 requests per minute

Web only, desktop and mobile devices not supported


Apparently, ComPDFKit provides the most suitable API in the market for developers.


What Can We Offer & Try Our Online Tools

In case you don’t know what features ComPDFKit API can provide, visit our feature list and see whether there are features you require. It is worth mentioning that ComPDFKit is powerful in converting files with 99% accuracy and high speed. No matter whether you transform MS Office files or other formats to or from PDF, the text, page layout, columns, tables, formatting, graphics, etc. remain the original documents. To experience and evaluate the actual effectiveness of conversion, it is highly recommended you use our Online Tools before signing up ComPDFKit API account to get the free trial. Most supported PDF conversion functions are included on the Online Tools page, but it sets up some limitations. For full features, ComPDFKit API Free Trial is the best choice. 



ComPDFKit not only offers comprehensive development documentation to instruct developers to integrate PDF features step by step but also designs variable, customizable, and affordable prices. Particularly, ComPDFKit API releases a free trial allowing developers to get 1000 free files processing per month. Just sign up to enjoy our powerful features by integrating them into your applications or systems.