Combine ChatGPT and ComPDFKit to Edit PDFs Efficiently

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Jul 28
Third-party System AI Intelligent Document Processing

The text ideas and articles generated by artificial intelligence ChatGPT are quite satisfactory to most people. But to turn them into shareable, formatted and stable PDF documents still requires the process of copying, pasting, and repeatedly modifying. Have you ever thought about using the ChatGPT function directly in a PDF reader?


ComPDFKit offers a one-stop solution to create and process PDF documents, and it also has mature technology to directly edit text and images in PDF documents. Keep reading the article to see how ComPDFKit can help you deal with the text content that ChatGPT helps you generate!

Process ChatGPT Ideas with ComPDFKit 


ComPDFKit provides PDF libraries and helps your users to create and edit PDF documents with ease. Input the answer ChatGPT generated and create a PDF file with ComPDFKit. Then, use the efficient features to process the PDF contents for your reports, articles, product introductions, etc.


Edit PDF Content


ComPDFKit offers text and image editing features that allow you to add, delete, replace, and modify the content of text and images in your PDF files. You can change the font, size, color, alignment, and style of the text. To learn more about text editing, please click here to view our documentation.


Edit PDF Pages


Depending on your PDF document, you may need to add, delete, replace or reorder the pages. ComPDFKit makes it easy for you to manage the pages in your PDF document. You can also split or merge multiple PDF files. Click here to learn more.


Mark Up PDFs


You can annotate and comment on your finished PDF files with ComPDFKit. You can use various tools such as highlighter, underline, strikeout, sticky note, text box, shape and stamp. You can also share and review the marked up PDFs with other people. Click here to learn more.


Encrypt PDFs


Some PDF documents need to be encrypted, such as company product plans and other confidential files. ComPDFKit can help you protect your PDF documents with passwords and permissions. You can also sign your PDF documents with digital signatures. Click here to learn more.




Communicate with the ComPDFKit team to give your users productivity and creativity apps to generate, create PDFs, and edit PDFs with ChatGPT and ComPDFKit now!