ComPDFKit in Insurance Industry

By ComPDFKit | 2022 Nov 18

With more and more attention on the internet, almost all the companies in industries like insurance give another way for their clients to reach them. It’s certified that doing business online is a good way to concentrate the public’s attention. Except for more attention from clients, moving more processes online would reduce workflows and manage their documents well. But not all companies & organizations have their own development team. It’s proper to cooperate with IT companies for the apps or systems they want.


When it comes to documents, PDFs work well because of their stability. For companies & organizations in the insurance industry, ComPDFKit allows them to manage customer relationships. Their users could view documents like policy manuals, explanations of benefits, billing statements, contracts, etc., and sign contracts.



Generate & Read Insurance-related PDF Files


Almost every insurance organization chooses to integrate a PDF SDK like ComPDFKit into their apps or systems for their clients or internal staff.


The employees in insurance companies need to deal with all the internal file work in their system or upload the files to their apps. They need the features of creating and reading PDFs for the works like adjusting and generating product manuals and benefits files. They would also need to generate contracts for clients.


For clients, it is the easiest way to check all the insurance information online on the insurance organizations’ applications, websites, etc. If the insurance companies & organizations could provide the feature of viewing PDF files at least, there would be more clients coming to them.



Digitization of Forms


Traditional insurance purchasing is complex. Everything is offline. Customers may need to go to the insurance company many times for product information, fill out forms, etc. 


When the business is moved online, it becomes different from the traditional insurance industry. Every form which needs to be filled can be easily filled out on clients’ devices. The people who work in insurance companies don’t need to send their application forms to every potential customer for developing customers. It’s non-efficient and with fewer replies.


Now, people could choose insurance products, fill out forms, or even finish the whole insurance workflow online. Then, the companies will receive the clients’ information automatically, all the processes could be finished online including following up, claiming, etc. A self-service insurance buying and claim experience are what customers expect.


ComPDFKit provides the solutions for companies to deal with forms, such as creating, filling, signing, deleting, flattening PDF forms, etc. Click here for more information about forms. 



Customer Relationship Management


There are various insurance products. Consumer-expected products are different and changing. A wise customer relationship management would explore their precise customers and provide the insurance products just what their customers want.


Data analysis would help a lot in customer relationship management. Before analyzing the customers' information, we need the feature — Data extraction and analysis. ComPDFKit allows you to extract information from kinds of files like insurance certificates, application forms, etc. Then, analyze, catalog, and save the extracted data into the customer library.



Multiple Platforms Supported


ComPDFKit supports being integrated or deployed into almost all servers and client-side devices. 

         - Supported Platforms: Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Web, etc.

         - Supported CPU: ARM CPU/GPU, Adreno GPU, Apple GPU, NPU, FPGA



What's More!


There would be more features for the insurance industry. And if you are interested in ComPDFKit, connect with us.