Fill out Insurance Forms with ComPDFKit

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Feb 17
Insurance Forms

Insurance is everywhere. We all purchased some kinds of insurance like health, disability, term life, auto insurance, etc. Traditionally, buying insurance products is as complicated as buying a house. Now, there are lots of changes because of the fully digital process.


With highly developed and flexible software development kits, insurance organizations could own their applications and provide their customers with a more intelligent experience. ComPDFKit is a set of SDKs for processing PDF files and forms. It helps companies and developers to build an app or system with the features of dealing with PDFs fast.

Supported Platforms


ComPDFKit allows being integrated or deployed to most platforms. In this blog, we are going to take Android as an example to show how to deal with the forms part of insurance.


         - Android

         - Windows

         - iOS

         - macOS

         - Web

         - Linux

         - …

Different Types of Form Filling


The new way of buying insurance is customer-friendly and hassle-free. Most processes are moved online, even kinds of form filling works. When buying insurance or filling out claims, there are several approaches for customers which are provided by organizations. We could see the differences and choose the proper way for your website or applications. 


         - Online and offline combination: Customers download forms from the official website and fill them out by hand. Then, they need to go to the insurance company with their forms.


         - Online: Customers could fill out and deliver forms online. They could click into a kind of insurance form and fill out all the information online. Then, submit the forms. The insurance company would receive the forms and let a staff follow up.


      - The smart way with data analysis: Customers can select and choose the proper insurance products online. With their provided personal information like ID card, the application forms will be generated automatically and saved in the customer database. Data collection and analysis make it possible to optimize the insurance purchasing process.


Form reading and filling are basic features for online insurance purchasing, if you want to provide a convenient and simple way to your customers. For the method to fill out forms programmatically, please read another blog post here. You could contact us for all these features, even for data extraction and analysis. 

What's More!


Take a look at the whole process. There may also be some other features, such as viewing PDFs, signing digitally, form creating, security, etc. Contact us for more about our ComPDFKit in the insurance industry.