Dark Mode in Reading Themes

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Apr 12

Night reading mode is a feature available on many different devices and programs that allows users to change the colors of the user interface they are using. This feature is designed to reduce strain on the user's eyes, as it is easier and more comfortable to see at a dark background than a bright one.


ComPDFKit could provide such dark mode libraries for applications to integrate. It could help older adults who are having trouble reading the text on mobiles or laptop devices, students who are studying for an exam at night and having difficulty concentrating with the bright display of their laptop, someone who has a job which requires them to spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen.



Reading is the basic feature that most PDF viewers support. And most PDF viewers integrate the libraries of PDF reading themes and provide many themes for users to choose when their reading environment changes. ComPDFKit could provide four special color modes: dark mode, sepia mode, reseda mode, and custom color mode. Contact us for a free trial.


Once you open a PDF file, you’ll see the document as if it’s been printed on paper — as an image. When you open a PDF and choose another reading mode, reading mode will allow you to zoom in and out on the document to get a closer look at a certain area. A number of other useful features can be used such as bookmarks, full-text search, and page rotation. Except for that, the following features will be used automatically and you may have no awareness such as PDF rendering and the color of PDF content correcting. 




The rendering feature is the cornerstone of any viewer application. With ComPDFKit SDK, developers can create PDF viewer applications that modify how a PDF document is presented and rendered in the application. For example, when the reading mode is changed from the default to a “night mode”, the SDK can be used to automatically apply dark background and text colors.


Color Corrections in Different Modes


A PDF file usually has a white background and black text (other colors are also used). When you view a PDF file in dark mode, the text and annotations within the PDF will not present the black color. Because you can't see black words with a black background. For reading better in a dark reading mode, the words would be typically corrected to a similar color to the original color but are reading-friendly. When you exit the dark reading mode, the color of the content within a PDF will still remain the same color as it originally was.


The custom color mode allows you to set the color of the content. It’s friendly for color blindness or color vision deficiency. Except for the custom color mode and dark mode, there is no need to correct the color of PDF content, because the content can always be seen in sepia mode, reseda mode, etc.


Dark Mode in UI


ComPDFKit SDK provides a highly customized UI and enables the companies to customize the look of their PDF Reading apps to make it their own. These customisations include themes, text sizes and spacing, font changes and background color changes.

Final Words!

ComPDFKit supports changing the reading modes and correcting the color of PDF contents like text, images, and annotations to provide a better reading experience. Communicate with the ComPDFKit team for more information about our SDK products.