Edit PDF Directly Like Word

By ComPDFKit | 2022 Dec 22
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PDF documents are widely used nowadays, and we need to do more and more operations on PDFs to simplify our workflows and improve our efficiency. Many people are eager to edit the content of PDFs directly, including text and images. And now ComPDFKit enables users to do that, making editing PDFs as effortlessly as editing Word!



Edit PDF via Word


We all know that it is difficult for us to edit PDFs, as it isn’t a file format that users can edit right out of the box. But we always have the requirements to edit PDF files, like modifying the wrong content, adding the missing content, deleting the outdated content, etc. So how do we generally edit PDFs? 


The most common way may be converting the PDF to Word, and editing the content of Word. After editing, convert the Word back to PDF. Or if you have the original Word file, you can save one step, just editing the word and converting it to a new PDF file.


However, no matter whether you have the original file or not, you have to edit the PDF via Word. That’s so troublesome, the steps are complicated and the conversion effect is probably not satisfactory. With ComPDFKit, you can directly edit the PDF content. Text and images are all supported.



Edit PDF Text with ComPDFKit


ComPDFKit provides the ability to edit text in PDF documents. You can do multiple operations to the text as you want in many aspects as follows.


Text Content


As we said before, we need to add, modify, or delete the text, which are all allowed by ComPDFKit. In addition, you can also use ComPDFKit to select and cut/copy the specific text, and paste it where you want.


Text Attribute


You can also change the text attribute like font color and font size. ComPDFKit offers various options of color and size for you to choose, so that you can make your PDF documents focused, organized, and easy to read.


Text Alignment


ComPDFKit also supports different text alignments to optimize the typography, including left text alignment, right text alignment, center text alignment, and justify text alignment.


Position of Text Area


In the editing mode, you can see that a PDF file consists of multiple text areas. You can select a text area and move it freely to your wanted position.



Edit PDF Images with ComPDFKit


Since most PDF documents today contain images, ComPDFKit enables users to edit images as well. The following are the supported functions:


- Move, rotate, zoom in and out, mirror, and crop images.

- Select, cut, copy, and paste images.

- Change the image position.

- Extract images.

- Replace images.





In this blog, we introduced what operations are provided for you to edit the PDF content, including text and images. If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact us.