How to Integrate ComPDFKit C# PDF API Libraries

By ComPDFKit | 2024 Jun 07

Embrace the capabilities of ComPDFKit's C# PDF API Integration and elevate your C# applications to new heights. This integration not only simplifies the incorporation of PDF functionalities but also brings a host of benefits that can transform your digital solutions. This article will guide you to integrate the ComPDFKit API libraries in C-sharp. More integration guides for ComPDFKit API libraries can be obtained on the documentation page.


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How to Integrate ComPDFKit C# PDF API Libraries


Requirements of C# PDF API Integration

  • Programming Environment: .NET Framework 4.6.1 and higher, and .Net core 1.0 and higher.
  • Dependencies: NuGet.


Step 1. Get a License

  • Register ComPDFKit API account.
  • Go to the API Keys section for Obtain the Project ID (Project Name), Public Key, and Secret Key.


Step 2. Authentication the License

The ComPDFKit API utilizes JSON Web Tokens for secure authentication. Utilize the Public Key and Secret Key, which you acquired from the previous step to authorize the license. For a comprehensive understanding of the Authentication process, please visit the Authentication Documentation.

CPDFClient client = new CPDFClient(<publicKey>, <secretKey>);


Step 3. C Sharp PDF API Library Integration

Here are three ways to get the ComPDFKit API libraries:

Install-Package compdfkit-api-dotnet
  • Add "compdfkit-api-dotnet": "1.3.2" to your `.csproj file` and then run it.


Step 4. Request Workflow

With your ComPDFKit account set up, license authorized, and the C# PDF library installed, you're ready to begin leveraging the powerful PDF processing capabilities. There are all the steps to request a ComPDFKit PDF API below:


  • Create a task and get the task ID
  • Upload the PDF file that you want to be processed
  • Execute the task. ComPDFKit API could provide the APIs for all kinds of PDF processing
  • Get the Processed result file. This means that a whole API request is completed


When you start to make an API request to deal with your files, make sure to call the corresponding API. All supported PDF APIs and their detailed guides are given on the ComPDFKit API documentation page.



From this post you can learn how to integrate ComPDFKit PDF API libraries in C sharp. If you want to see how to integrate a specific PDF functionality or how to integrate ComPDFKit PDF API libraries in other programming languages, click to our API Libraries page.


If questions arise or additional support is needed, ComPDFKit technical team is just a click away.