Popular Javascript PDF Viewer Manufacturers

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Oct 26

JavaScript PDF Viewer is a PDF reader to read PDFs written in JavaScript and running in a web browser. A web PDF Viewer may be chosen by many companies for the following reasons:


         - Read online or local PDFs without installing additional software on the device.

         - Provide a consistent and seamless reading experience across different devices and platforms.

         - With better scalability for more features like editing, annotating, etc., than a built-in viewer.

         - Compatible with various web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and more.


If you need a PDF Viewer on your website, you have a better choice than developing from the beginning: Choose a proper manufacturer to buy the whole JavaScript libraries or APIs of a PDF Viewer. Here we are going to list some manufacturers and their products for you to choose from.



Popular JavaScript PDF Viewer Manufacturers


Many companies offer JavaScript PDF Viewers. The following article will introduce several user-friendly JavaScript PDF viewers:


         - ComPDFKit for Web: Provide a comprehensive JavaScript PDF Viewer library that supports various PDF operations such as rendering & viewing, searching, merging, splitting, bookmarking, adding & deleting PDF pages, annotating, signing, form filling, downloading, etc. You can choose the features you need with its flexible and easy-to-use SDK and APIs. ComPDFKit focused on PDF technologies for years and also provides PDF SDK for multiple platforms and programming languages.

         - Kdan: It provides a lightweight JavaScript PDF SDK that can be used to view PDF files. It includes a simple interface if you don’t want a customized UI.

         - Foxit: It provides a web library for PDF Viewer that can be used to create and edit PDF files. It focused on the main feature: sign PDFs.

         - PDFFILLER: PDFFILLER provides a simple and easy-to-use JavaScript library that supports reading PDF files and signing PDFs.

Why ComPDFKit for Web?


ComPDFKit for Web is a JavaScript library for the web of the ComPDFKit SDK, used for displaying, editing, and downloading PDF documents on websites. It provides a customizable UI that allows users to customize toolbars, menus, and annotation tools, enabling users to better manage and view PDF documents. 


ComPDFKit for Web allows companies and developers to integrate all supported features by local SDK, online API, or on-premises API.


Main Features of ComPDFKit for Web


Viewer component offers:

         - Standard page display modes, including Scrolling, Double page, and Cover mode.

         - Navigation with thumbnails, outlines, and layers.

         - Text search & selection.

         - Zoom in and out.

         - Switch between different themes, including light mode and dark mode.


Annotations component offers:

         - Create, edit, and remove kinds of annotations, including Notes, Free Text, Lines, Arrow, Squares, Circles, Ink, and Stamps.

         - Support for annotation appearances.

         - Import and export annotations to/from XFDF.


Forms component offers:

         - Create, edit and, remove form fields, including Text Fields, Check Boxes, Radio Button, List Box, Combo Box, Push Button, and Signatures.

         - Fill out PDF Forms.


Signatures component offers:

         - Drawn signatures.

         - Image signatures.

         - Typed signatures.


Security component offers:

         - Encrypt and decrypt PDFs, Password can be set to protected the PDF.


Document Comparison component offers:

         - Overlay Comparison to superpose two files and show the differences by different colors.


Content Editor component offers:

         - Programmatically add and remove text in PDFs and make it possible to edit PDFs like Word. Allow selecting text to copy, resize, change colors, text alignment, and the position of text boxes.


Pricing & Free Trial ComPDFKit


ComPDFKit for Web has flexible pricing that is mainly based on your required features, the number of root domains and end users, and the time to use the technologies.


But the prices are different for the solutions of SDK and APIs. You can learn more about the pricing by contacting the ComPDFKit team. We also provide ComPDFKit Web Demo to try the features simply and easily. 


Choose a proper web library for your program. Contact ComPDFKit and start your free trial.