Different Ways to Redact Private Information with ComPDFKit

By ComPDFKit | 2022 Oct 26

This text is not properly redacted. Will this text be redacted permanently? Try to copy the text in that black box to see what it says. As we introduced before, redaction is not simply selecting text and changing the highlight color to black. To review what is redaction, please click here.


We introduced the different ways to redact sensitive information with ComPDFKit. See more details here.

         - Select an Area to Redact

         - Search for a Specific Text to Redact

         - Redact the Full Page

         - Redact the Whole Document


But where and when should I choose to redact private information on PDFs? That’s what we’re going to talk about.

Combine OCR with Redaction


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is an efficient business process that saves time, cost, and other resources by leveraging automated data extraction and storage capabilities. Sometimes, OCR is also considered as text/data extraction, because you can extract text/data from scanned documents, photos, and image PDFs with OCR and then edit them.


However, when sharing scanned documents/image PDFs, there is usually information that we do not want to share, such as specific financial numbers or personal information like names, phone numbers, etc. So redaction is required here. Scanned document/image PDFs combined with the OCR, first identify all the content, then with the text search function, directly display the content that may need to be marked, and let the sharer decide which content needs to be marked. 


Combine OCR with Redaction by ComPDFKit


But if there are too many pages in the document, it is necessary to preset which information needs to be marked. This leads to the next topic we will introduce: the combination of AI recognition and redaction.



Combine AI Recognitions with Redaction


Entering the intelligence era, do you still reading through every page to find the private information you want to redact? Is it time-consuming and laborious? Then, you must understand how to combine AI recognition with redaction. At present, the technology can already identify the corresponding information in the document according to the relevant rules. 


         - Personal Information: Name, Phone Number, Email, etc.

         - Company Information: Organization, Address

         - Bank Information: Account Number, Name, etc.

         - Form Information: Signature, Text Form


This solution lists sensitive data contained in PDF files. Users don't need to read through every page to find sensitive information in every sentence. Isn’t it convenient? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.



Combine Command-Line Tools with Redaction


Consider a case where you need to batch process documents of the same type, such as resumes or financial documents. We can provide command-line tools, configure the fields that need to be marked in advance, and then redact the area.


Combine Command-Line Tools with Redaction by ComPDFKit



Customize Options


After redacting the sensitive information, you can also customize the following:

         - Font

         - Font Size

         - Font Color

         - Alignment

         - Background Colors

         - Repeat Overlay Text




After reading this blog, I believe you have a better understanding of how redaction can be combined with your work scenarios. ComPDFKit PDF SDK can help you achieve efficient and high-accuracy PDF redaction. If you want to integrate SDK to have a try or get a quote, please feel free to contact us!