How a Web PDF Viewer Library Helps Your Website!

By ComPDFKit | 2023 May 17

We take it for granted to read and check information on websites like PDF articles, reports, product plans, etc. It is accomplished by PDF viewer library actually. PDF viewer library on Web is widely used among many industries and provides customers the features to view PDF documents online (Without downloading).



PDF viewer is the basic feature of PDF. It shows PDFs by rendering engine. But other features will be needed if you want to do more actions to PDF files such as editing, annotating, form filling, comparing, signing, redacting, form converting, OCR, etc. 


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1. Ebook

Online PDF viewers are software programs that allow users to view PDF documents in their web browsers. They are typically used in the ebook industry to provide a convenient way for readers to access digital content. The ComPDFKit PDF viewer SDK provides a set of APIs that allow developers to integrate the viewer into their own applications, websites, and systems. This allows them to customize the viewer according to their own needs, such as adding features like annotations, search, outline, thumbnails, displaying mode, themes, zooming, bookmarks, and more. 


2. Legal

ComPDFKit online PDF viewer library is used in the legal industry to allow lawyers and other legal professionals to view and share documents in a secure and efficient manner. ComPDFKit viewer SDK on the Web platform allows website owners providing their users with the features of  viewing PDFs like legal cases, clients' files, etc. without having to download and install a separate PDF viewer. The SDK also provides features such as annotation, search, and document comparison, which can be used to help lawyers quickly review and compare documents.


3. Healthcare

ComPDFKit Web Viewer SDK works by providing a secure, cloud-based platform for healthcare providers to securely share patient data with other providers, patients, etc. The SDK allows providers to securely store, manage, access, and share patient data, including medical images, lab results, and other medical records.


4. Education

ComPDFKit Web Viewer library is used in the education industry to allow students and teachers to view and interact with PDF documents. The ComPDFKit SDK provides a set of tools and APIs for the web platform that enable developers to create custom applications that can view, annotate, and collaborate on PDF documents. Click to see more supported features and developing platforms.


5. Government

ComPDFKit Web Viewer SDK can be used to securely view, share, and collaborate on government documents. Contact with online PDF Viewer SDK providers like ComPDFKit and integrate it into your web application or system. Some other features can also be provided by ComPDFKit, such as signatures, annotations, forms. To enhance the speed, security, and accuracy of services, the owner of the government agency documents could choose to give the necessary permissions to others, they can also view, create, or fill out the forms and sign freely, annotate the digital documents and reply, etc.

Final Words!

ComPDFKit could provide the feature PDF SDK viewing on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and the Web platforms. More industries are using PDF SDK features. Check here for more feature details and industries.