A Showcase of ComPDFKit's Website and Logo Rebranding

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Jul 05
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We are excited to announce that we have launched a redesigned website and logo for our company — PDF Technologies, Inc.


In this post we'll highlight some of the key changes that have been made in order to improve your experience when searching for products or services on our new website.

Short Introduction about PDF Technologies


PDF Technologies, Inc., is a leading company in the field of PDF technologies. We provide powerful and versatile PDF SDK and API solutions — ComPDFKit, for various programming platforms, languages, and frameworks, such as iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac Catalyst, etc.


It is used by thousands of developers and companies in various industries and sectors, such as education, finance, healthcare, government, media, and more. Our PDF SDK product enables them to create, edit, convert, view, annotate, compare, secure, sign, optimize, and more with PDF documents in their applications.


         - ComPDFKit SDK

         - ComPDFKit API

         - ComPDFKit Document AI

         - ComPDFKit for Command Line

Why Did We Redesign Our Website & Logo?


We decided to redesign our logo and website to keep up with our company's growth and expansion. As we developed more products and services and reached more customers and markets, we wanted to have a logo and website that reflect our brand identity and values more clearly and consistently. 


We also wanted to showcase our products and services more effectively and attractively to our customers and potential users. We aimed to create a logo and website that are user-friendly, modern, professional, and distinctive.

How Did We Change Our Logo?


Our original logo incorporated the letter P, representing our main technology field (PDF), and was inspired by the color scheme used on our official website. But as our products and company developed, we recognized the necessity to break free from the product-centric association and develop a logo that truly exemplifies our brand.


Our new logo uses blue and variations of the letter C to integrate the first letter of our product name - ComPDFKit. This shift in design aims to convey that we are a PDF technology development company, which not only focuses on our products but also emphasizes our broader technological expertise.


new logo - ComPDFKit



How Did We Improve Our Website Structure?


Understanding the needs of our customers, we reevaluated our website structure and conceived a more customer-centric approach. On the new website, we have organized the content based on what our customers value the most. The development platform takes center stage, showcasing the supported platforms, development languages, and frameworks, and providing comprehensive information on the functionalities offered under each platform.


Additionally, the homepage and the product pages offer in-depth details about our SDK/API products. We have provided multiple entry points for customers to explore and understand the various functionalities and learn how to effectively utilize our SDK/API products. Further engagement is encouraged through direct contact with our sales team for any inquiries.


To enhance user experience, we have also introduced detailed pages highlighting major functions such as Viewer, Document Editor, Conversion, Content Editor, Annotations, Document Comparison, OCR, Security, Digital Signatures, and Optimization. These pages provide more detailed information to guide users in understanding each function's capabilities.


Furthermore, as the market evolves, we commit to continuously updating our website to stay in tune with the latest developments and technologies.

What's next for ComPDFKit?


In conclusion, the rebranding of our website and logo represents our commitment to providing an enhanced user experience and demonstrating our evolution as a leading company which focused on PDF technologies. We invite you to explore the revamped website, discover our range of SDK/API products, and reach out to our sales team for further information.

Remember, at ComPDFKit, we are always striving to provide cutting-edge PDF solutions to meet your specific needs. Let us assist you in achieving excellence in your PDF-related projects. Contact us today!