Software Development Kit for Processing Documents: What Is It and How It Can Benefit Your Company

By ComPDFKit | 2022 Aug 02
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How Software Development Kit Benefit Your Company


The software development process is frequently lengthy and challenging. Successfully delivering services to the clients depends on the internal infrastructure the team employs. 


With so much intricacy, it's no wonder that 21.1 percent of respondents in a Stack Overflow Developer Survey results identified "inadequate access to critical tools" as their top productivity concern.


One of the most effective solutions to the issue of an insufficient toolset is using a Software Development Kit (SDK). Your team can perform their task more effectively and efficiently if they use the SDK's extensive collection of tools. And this increased efficiency could result in a quicker time to market and products of a higher quality for the clients of your business.


According to the “Global Software Development Tools Market” research, the global software development kit market is expected to reach $9,944 million by 2027, up from $3,827 million in 2020, at a compound annual growth rate of 14.5% from 2021 to 2027.


However, having a firm grasp on how to use an SDK is not always straightforward. You need to be familiar with the SDK software, the features, and how they integrate with your existing technology. When you select the appropriate SDK for your team, you will be provided with all the technology required to deliver value for clients quickly.



What is an SDK for Document Processing?


An SDK is a collection of downloadable tools that programmers use to create programs for various operating systems. It is everything you need to construct a specific module within an app. This includes libraries, tools, sample code, appropriate documentation, and application programming interfaces or APIs.


A credible SDK has all the necessary components for a developer to create new applications for a specific product and its environment. Some SDKs include a sample or simple test project to assist developers in getting started quickly. With an SDK, organizations may save time by integrating important app features such as payments, location, communication, analytics, and marketing quickly and reliably.


Another software development kit example is the PDF Software Development Kit (SDK). PDF SDK is a document management tool that assists businesses of all sizes in creating PDF documents with annotations, digital authentication and signatures, creating and filling out forms, and security. The platform has examples and sample code that allow users to create a document viewer.


PDF SDK conducts all server-related tasks, delivering a desktop environment that is dependable, quick, and easy to maintain. PDF SDK is also compatible with programming languages that generate high-quality PDFs. 


If you are differentiating SDK vs. API, it is essential to highlight that API is a series of libraries that comprise the core language that can be used out of the box. In contrast, an SDK is a development platform that supports API usage.


When comparing content management software tools for your business, choose one that can integrate and support PDF SDK. You can use content management tools to manage and access material from your applications. With content management tools, you can control how your content is displayed using your code.



Benefits for your Company


1. Ease of Integration


PDF SDK is built on a current technology stack that seamlessly interfaces with the platform you're developing on. The PDF SDK connects simply to your app utilizing SDK documentation, allowing you to devote more time to building your app. Integrate only with a few lines of sample code and common package editors, making it easy to start.


2. Data Pre-processing


Text, comments, digital signatures, and other types of data can be included in documents in many formats. With PDF SDK, you may parse the data independently and process it based on your requirements. Extracting tabular or article data from PDF documents is one of the most challenging automated document processing tasks. PDK SDK can extract HTML output containing tables, text, and reading hierarchy from an existing PDF file. It can also detect articles and mark them as PDF annotations.


3. Security


Security is crucial, especially when applications and services become increasingly interconnected. PDF SDK ensures the security of sensitive data without relying on additional resources. SDKs can be utilized to reduce fraudulent usage of your service. For instance, you can use SDK to encrypt data or code on documents. An SDK can also impose security standards for storing account details, passwords, and transaction processing.


4. Quick Document Recreation


Have you ever attempted to extract pages from PDF files? A PDF SDK algorithm enables you to extract data in a structured format that is easily understandable. PDF SDK can identify all logical structures and provide a hierarchy organization of document components in the proper reading sequence.


5. Preserve Style and Structure


PDF SDK possesses an advanced font matching algorithm that enables it to accurately decide which substitute font most closely resembles the non-embedded font used to create the document and then use that font to display the text.



Beyond Paper Innovation with an Easy-to-Integrate PDF SDK


Choose the best software development kit for document processing from a source that has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that is not only ready to use out of the box but also flexible enough to be tailored to your needs. Moreover, you should select a provider that focuses on building intuitive APIs, publishing easy-to-understand guidelines, and giving tons of code samples to accelerate development and simplify your work is essential.


If you run into a problem — whether you have questions about getting started or how to best incorporate new features into your application — you should receive prompt and pertinent responses from the developers who built the product.