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Key Capabilities
Powerful PDF Tools
Edit, markup, flattening, merging, and more
Powerful Converter
Multiple formats and multi-threaded conversions
Design flexible UI at your disposal
Reliable APIs
Easy and fast to integrate PDF capabilities
ComPDFKit PDF SDK is a commercial SDK, which requires a license to grant developer permission to release their apps. Each license is only valid for one device ID in development mode. Other flexible licensing options are also supported, please contact our marketing team to know more. However, any documents, sample code, or source code distribution from the released package of ComPDEKit Processor to any third party is prohibited.
Supported Languages
You can easily access and integrate this API using various programming languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, etc. The API communicates using HTTP requests, making it applicable to most programming languages and easy to integrate into a variety of different applications. This means you don't have to worry about whether your programming language is compatible with the API.
Guide structure
Introduction to the structure of this guide and supported conversion formats.
Getting Started Guide
To quickly add PDF conversion functionality to your application.
Start ComPDFKit Processor
How to deploy to a single host or production environment.
Guides for Conversion
How to convert Microsoft Office/HTML/TXT/CSV/RTF files to PDF format, or how to convert PDF to Microsoft Office/HTML/TXT/CSV/RTF files.
Explore PDF Features