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Case Study: Haidongxinxi Uses ComPDFKit PDF SDK to Build a Professional PDF Editor

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Dec 27
IT Case Study

In today’s era of rapid information development, efficient office software is crucial for the growth of enterprises. Haidongxinxi is a tech pioneer from Chengdu China that deeply understands this. The company focuses on "professionalism" as the core philosophy of its products and services. Dedicated to developing office software products that meet the needs of various industries, the company has observed the growing demand for digital document management. 


Soon, Haidongxinxi plans to launch a comprehensive, easy-to-operate, and highly compatible multi-platform PDF editing tool. This tool is intended to provide users with a practical and efficient PDF editor to facilitate effective information management and further improve work efficiency and document processing professionalism.


 For more information about Haidongxinxi, please visit the official website.





Haidongxinxi needed a stable and efficient PDF SDK as the core capability provider for its Windows platform office product. This SDK must secure functional performance while saving internal development time. It should have market-tested features and a standardized UI interface for direct user access, enabling rapid integration to shorten the product development cycle and expedite time-to-market.


Haidongxinxi had specific expectations when looking for a partner:


         - Availability of a mature and market-approved PDF SDK product: This is a critical aspect the company considers while evaluating PDF SDK providers. They seek a long-term partner to avoid future changes due to technical issues.

         - Authorization for commercial sale: As a tech company providing professional office software, the ability to sell products is a vital cooperative condition. ComPDFKit’s flexible licensing is also a major advantage.

         - Cross-platform SDK with consistent user experience: Supporting multiple platforms is prepared for future business expansion. Choosing a PDF SDK provider with support for multiple development platforms saves the trouble of searching for new partners later.

         - UI: Haidongxinxi wanted a readily usable and user-friendly UI. ComPDFKit not only provides standardized UI but also supports UI customization.


Among many competitors, ComPDFKit won the favor of Haidongxinxi with its professional PDF solutions, thus becoming a trusted partner. Haidongxinxi is confident in the partnership with ComPDFKit and looks forward to continuous collaboration in the future.


Feedback from Haidongxinxi:


“ComPDFKit's PDF SDK is feature-rich and easy to call. It integrates into our system smoothly and can be used immediately. The technical support from the ComPDFKit team is timely, and their problem-solving attitude is proactive. We appreciate ComPDFKit's sincerity in cooperation.”


“Since using ComPDFKit, our development cycles have significantly shortened, and the complexity has decreased, making the team's work more pleasant. We are very satisfied with ComPDFKit's products and services and sincerely hope to maintain a long-term partnership.”



Why ComPDFKit


ComPDFKit firmly believes that functional performance is always the focal point of customer concern, and we are committed to continuously cultivating this field. After Haidongxinxi’s comprehensive evaluation of numerous PDF tools on the market, ComPDFKit was chosen as the preferred partner for its outstanding performance and efficient service system.


We provided the following core functionalities for their PDF product:


         - Viewing: A powerful PDF reader supporting swift browsing and management of various documents.

         - Annotation: Offering convenient annotation tools for users to mark up and comment on PDF documents, enhancing collaborative efficiency.

         - Document Page Editing: Enabling users to reorder, create, and delete pages in a PDF file.

         - Content Editing: Advanced feature allowing users to edit text, images, and other content in PDFs similarly to editing in Word.


Key advantages that earned ComPDFKit the trust and approval in the collaboration process with them:


         - Multi-platform and cross-platform support: Covers Windows, Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Electron, Flutter, MAUI, and more.

         - Mature PDF technology: Market-verified stability and reliability from over ten years of technical development.

         - Standard UI: Offering a standardized UI for easy team adoption.

         - Products developed with ComPDFKit are not limited by user numbers.

         - Fast responsive support team: Our technical support and sales team provide professional and timely services to ensure your business operations remain unaffected.



The successful collaboration between Haidongxinxi and ComPDFKit has been both pleasant and mutually beneficial. This partnership marks only the beginning, as both parties plan to work closely in the future to offer customers even more exceptional office software solutions.