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Case Study: Unlock the PDF Power with Advanced Technologies

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Aug 25
IT Case Study

"ComPDFKit has been a game-changer for our document management needs. It's user-friendly and highly efficient." — A Software Company.


The case study today is about a prominent Software Industry leader, who has been making waves in the market with their focus on "Mobile Internet + Diversified Investment" as their core development strategy. With 12 renowned software and products under their belt, they have successfully catered to a user base of 260 million. One of the key areas of their business lies in creating multifunctional software. In the PDF area, they offer PDF Viewer.


ComPDFKit has been integrated into their PDF Viewer to address the limitations of open-source PDF libraries, providing their end users with advanced features to process PDFs without the need for additional software downloads. 

Customer’s Program


PDF Viewer is a Windows C# app developed by the client to provide PDF viewing and annotation services to their customers. The app has a large and loyal user base of over 1 million daily active users. 


Features They Need


However, the they wanted to take their app to the next level and offer more advanced and versatile features to their customers. They came to us for more advanced features, upgraded and optimized their product, and offer more features.


         - Edit PDF Content (Text & Images).

         - Edit PDF Pages.

         - Edit PDF Document: Compress, merge, encrypt, watermark, background, header and footer, Bates number).




They have been relying on an open-source PDF library to enable PDF viewing and annotation functions in their app. However, this solution has its drawbacks and cannot meet their growing needs. One of the challenges they face is that their end users cannot perform more complex and sophisticated operations on their PDF files within their app and have to switch to another app.


Customer's SDK Requirements


         - Operating System: Wide system support, with a minimum requirement of Windows 7 32-bit.

         - Easy to Integrate: The SDK should have clear documentation, sample code, and tutorials that can help customers quickly and smoothly integrate the SDK into their applications.

         - Rich, Flexible, and Keep Updating Features: The SDK should provide a wide range of features that can meet their different needs and scenarios, and could support their future program plan.

         - High Performance and Reliability: The SDK should have fast and efficient algorithms that can handle complex and large data, and have robust error handling and security mechanisms that can prevent crashes and data loss.

         - Multiple Platform Support: Considering their other platform apps, The SDK should support multiple platforms, such as Windows, Web, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc., and ensure consistent functionality and user experience across different devices and environments.

Choosing the Right SDK Provider


When it comes to integrating PDF functionalities into our software, we conducted a thorough evaluation of the available options in the market. After considering several factors, we selected ComPDFKit as our trusted SDK provider.


The product manager of this software company said, "Before finalizing our decision, we evaluated some popular SDK providers: Apryse, Foxit, etc. However, our primary concern was to find a provider that meets our specific requirements at a reasonable price."


1. Licensing Options and Pricing: Perpetual or Yearly License

After initial discussions with ComPDFKit, our customer were impressed with ComPDFKit's flexible licensing options. The SDK subscription allowed us to pay a fixed fee on an annual basis, providing us with corresponding feature updates and technical support. This subscription model aligned perfectly with our long-term goals and budget.


In terms of pricing, after the negotiation, ComPDFKit provided us with a quote that fell within our acceptable price range. They offered us a competitive package, considering the features and support they provide. This made our decision even easier.


2. SDK, API, or OEM:

When considering a partnership, we discussed three possible options with ComPDFKit: SDK, API, or OEM. After careful consideration, we decided to opt for the ComPDFKit SDK. This choice allowed us to retain full control over our software while utilizing the powerful PDF capabilities provided by ComPDFKit. Their SDK integration was seamless, and their documentation and support made the implementation process extremely smooth.


Cooperation methods with ComPDFKit: SDK, API, or OEM


3. The Win-win Cooperation:

ComPDFKit team has been highly responsive, addressing any queries or issues quickly. The most important is, by integrating ComPDFKit into our software, we have witnessed improved user experience, increased efficiency, and enhanced productivity. The robust features, reliability, and performance of ComPDFKit have not only met but exceeded our expectations.”, the product manager of this software company.

ComPDFKit Solution


The customer had scattered SDK feature needs, but we met them with our customizable and flexible ComPDFKit PDF SDK.


We gave them a custom SDK package with only the features they wanted and charged them accordingly. This saved them money and time and avoided unwanted features. They bought our form-filling and content-editing modules and replaced Foxit's PDFium library with our viewer and annotation modules after testing our SDK demo.


We also helped them with documentation, sample code, technical support, and integration guidance.



With ComPDFKit's help, the customer was able to enhance their PDF viewer app and offer more functionality and value to their users. They increased their user satisfaction and retention rates and received positive feedback from their customers. 


They said: "ComPDFKit is a great partner for us. They have a professional and responsive team that provides us with excellent support and service. We are very satisfied with their product and we could have a long-term cooperation.