ComPDFKit Conversion SDK 1.7.0

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Aug 04
Release Conversion SDK

ComPDFKit Conversion SDK version 1.7.0 is the latest release of a robust and efficient SDK for converting PDF documents to various other file formats. It provides developers with an easy-to-use set of APIs to integrate into their applications, making it suitable for various industries that require high-quality document conversion services. In this article, we will explore the added features of ComPDFKit Conversion SDK 1.7.0.

Added Feature: Flow Layout


When converting a PDF document to a Word document, there are two types of layouts that can be used now: Retain Flowing Layout and Retain Page Layout. Flow Layout is one of the new features in ComPDFKit Conversion SDK 1.7.0. We support both flow and page layout options for PDF to Word conversion, and our system will give you choice to select the best option based on the content of the original document to ensure the highest quality output.


When converting PDF to Word, choosing to retain the Flow layout is to convert the content of an original PDF document into a flowing, continuous text and image that is easily editable in MS Word. In this layout, the original formatting and layout of the PDF document are transformed, making it easier to edit and reformat the document in Word.


When converting PDF to Word, the flow layout is needed to make sure to rewrite freely and ensure that the content, formatting, and layout of the original PDF are preserved as much as possible. Here are some applications where this becomes especially important:


         - Scanned PDFs: Scanned PDFs consist of images and cannot be easily edited. However, with Flow layout conversion, the scanned text is recognized and converted into editable Word text.

         - Beneficial for Content Modifications: When there is a need to add a significant amount of content, it is advisable to choose the flow layout when converting a PDF to a Word document. The flow layout automatically adjusts the placement of content to ensure that additional content is seamlessly integrated at the end of the document.

         - Complex PDFs: Complex PDFs with multiple columns, header/footer, and footnotes may not convert well with Simple conversion. Flow layout conversion can help in maintaining the original structure and layout of the document.

Added Feature: Multiple OCR Language Support


ComPDFKit Conversion SDK could provide OCR in many languages when converting. We also added more OCR languages in ComPDFKit Conversion SDK 1.7.0.


Now, we not only support the most widely used languages such as English, German, French, Chinese, and Korean but also support most Latin languages, and some Deva languages like Marathi, Hindi, and Arabic. With its robust OCR technology, ComPDFKit ensures that all users can extract accurate text from scanned documents in a hassle-free manner regardless of the language used. For all languages we support, please turn to our documentation.

Added Feature: Factory Method for Instantiation Conversion


ComPDFKit provide a Factory Method when converting. Factory Method is a creational design pattern that provides an interface for creating objects but lets subclasses decide which classes to instantiate. It defines an interface (abstract class) for creating objects in a superclass but allows subclasses to alter the type of objects that will be created. We can see its  advantages below.


         - It promotes loose coupling between objects.

         - It provides a single responsibility principle by separating object creation from business logic.

         - It provides flexibility in object creation as it allows subclasses to decide which object to create.

         - It provides a simpler interface for object creation by using a single factory method instead of multiple constructors.

         - It enhances code reuse by centralizing object creation across subclasses.

         - It supports the dynamic binding of classes, which is useful in the case of creating new objects at runtime.



In addition to the new features mentioned above, we have also fixed some bugs when converting PDF to JPG. You can click on our changelog for more details. To provide our clients with the advanced SDK, We will continue to develop and optimize. If you have more ideas and suggestions for our team at ComPDFKit, please don't hesitate to contact us directly!