Case Study

Case Study: Enhance PDF Reader Pro by Digital Signature SDK

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Dec 21
Signature Case Study

PDF Reader Pro is a powerful PDF application developed by PDF Technologies. PDF Technologies, established in 2013, has been dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology to simplify and enhance the way users handle digital documents. PDF Reader Pro offers Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android users a comprehensive set of features to view, edit, convert, annotate, and fill PDF files.


PDF Reader Pro has been consistently ranked as one of the top three PDF software applications in the App Store with over 90 million worldwide downloads. PDF Reader Pro has received numerous accolades and awards for being the best app in its category and has gained significant market presence.


PDF Reader Pro consistently improves its products to meet the evolving needs of the market. With the most recent update, PDF Reader Pro integrated the digital signature SDK of ComPDFKit. It makes sure to reliably sign and authenticate documents within the application and provides greater security and efficiency in document management.


"We're thrilled to integrate ComPDFKit's digital signature SDK into PDF Reader Pro. Aiming to provide a seamless, secure experience, this reliable signing solution perfectly enhances our toolset. We experienced a smooth integration and are impressed with its performance and adaptability." — PDF Reader Pro Team.

The Challenge


As PDF Reader Pro continues to dominate the market, the team is committed to constantly improving their product to meet the evolving needs of their users. In the current landscape of global commerce, the need for robust PDF tools transcends conventional viewing and editing functionalities. Document collaboration, including secure document signing, has become essential. 


Digital signatures allow users to verify the authenticity of a document and ensure its integrity since its signing. This is particularly valuable in industries such as finance, law, and healthcare. PDF Reader Pro aims to provide a secure and reliable document signing, collaborating, and sharing solution that ensures seamless trade and contract execution in the digital age.

The Solution


To address the need for digital signatures, PDF Reader Pro sought a solution that would seamlessly integrate digital signature functionality into their application. ComPDFKit proved to be the ideal choice. ComPDFKit offers a robust and efficient digital signature solution that is perfectly suited to the project of PDF Reader Pro. The integration of ComPDFKit allows PDF Reader Pro users to easily and quickly incorporate digital signatures into their workflows. The key features provided by ComPDFKit's digital signature solution include:


         - Create Digital Certificates and Digital Signatures: Users can generate their own digital certificates and apply digital signatures to their documents.

         - Get Digital Signature Information: The solution allows users to retrieve information about digital signatures, such as the signer's identity.

         - Verify Digital Certificates and Digital Signatures: PDF Reader Pro users can verify the authenticity of digital certificates and signatures to ensure the integrity of signed documents.

         - Trust Certificate: The solution enables users to establish trust in digital certificates.

         - Remove Digital Signatures: Users have the flexibility to remove digital signatures when necessary.


PDF Reader Pro integrated all of the capabilities above on Windows and Mac platforms. Solved the secure signature needs of PDF Reader Pro users.

The Results


ComPDFKit's digital signature solution has been seamlessly incorporated into PDF Reader Pro, leading to a smooth launch that exceeded expectations, offering users a more efficient way to handle document signing. The addition of this solution has replenished the application's functionality, heightened the user experience, and elicited a positive reaction from customer reviews, adoption rates, and conversion rates.