Signature Process of All-in-one Identification Device

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Apr 07
Signature Case Study

Many businesses need to identify their customers, employees, etc., by their passports, driver’s licenses, or other types of identification. Such as bars, hotels, airlines, and more. For this, they need a device that identifies the very person. Some companies that are highly relevant to personal ID need the person to sign as well. Read on to find out how ComPDFKit helps with the signature process.



All-in-one Identification Device


The All-in-one Identification Device is a comprehensive system that includes hardware components as well as an ID recognition software that verifies the identity of a person. The hardware components include a mobile device, an optical biometrics reader, a card reader, or an RFID reader. It works by using the biometrics or card information provided by the user to create a cryptographic key that is then released to the signee. The user then verifies their identity by signing document electronically. This digital signature is permanently attached to the document and can be used for legal purposes. 


Using the ComPDFKit SDK, developers can create custom applications that integrate with the Identification Machine hardware to create signature solutions for digital signature processes. This includes solutions for document signing, document tracking, identity proofing, and more. The SDK includes an integrated web-based interface and support for several APIs, allowing developers to customize the user experience. 



Electronic Signature


Electronic signature refers to the use of electronic equipment to sign documents. It is a digital signature that does not require a certificate on paper. As long as there is a unique identifier on the document to prove that it is a valid document, an effective electronic signature can be realized. Digital signatures, on the other hand, require the use of additional secure encryption algorithms on documents to verify the authenticity of the documents.



User Scenario


The identity authentication service provided by All-in-one Identification Device can be applied to government agencies, financial organizations, schools, and any other enterprises that need to store and access personal data. Its security protects the networks of these enterprises and improves their service levels.


Using ComPDFKit SDK for digital signature can improve the user experience of All-in-one Identification Device. It can not only ensure the security of files, but also improve the efficiency of file processing and storage. While achieving these functions, it can also reduce time and cost when processing documents.




There are more scenarios that may need to identify personal ID while signing a signature as well. For security and information protection, make sure to know how ComPDFKit can help you.