How ComPDFKit Helps Healthcare Industry Efficiently

By ComPDFKit | 2022 Nov 11

For hospital staff, they need to deal with lots of documents when they are working. PDF documents are proper in the healthcare industry for the advantages of consistent display across all devices.


Usually, the patient management system integrates many features of PDF SDK to free doctors’ hands. So there would be much more time that could be spent on patients. ComPDFKit PDF SDK could provide excellent solutions for healthcare organizations. 



PDF Creating & Rendering


There are thousands of PDF files that need to be created or opened. After creating and opening a PDF file, all the PDF features could help with working efficiently like annotations, editing, form filling, and security. ComPDFKit provides all the features we mentioned above. We create and display with a powerful PDF rendering system to help with the following file types.

- Usual works: schedules, appointments, medicine, and instruments inventory.

- Personal information of patients.

- Test and analyze the results of patients.



Search and Locate 


In a hospital management system, it’s convenient if we can search and find information about medicines, patients, or doctors. 


Before the patients go to a hospital, they could search and find all the doctors’ schedules, and decide when to go and which doctor to find. The doctor could also see the patients’ information to know their medical history, past surgical history, or family medical history if they search their patient database. There would be huge medical supplies in a hospital. When doctors need to suggest some medicine on the prescription, they need to search and check the supply system. 


Here, you can find the methods to search and turn to the location of the information you are looking for.



Security of Patient Health Information


As we said above, there is a huge amount of information that should not be checked freely. Especially for the patient database. People go to a doctor for their healthcare problems. And such private information the hospital recorded must be used to secure the patients.


Hospital organizations could integrate the features of security — included in ComPDFKit PDF SDK. The private information could be protected by managing the reading permission and restricting the operations to that information. You can learn the details about how to secure a PDF in this blog post.  



Form Filling and Sign


The PDFs which need to be filled out and signed are also in great quantity. Without a doubt, ComPDFKit could help with these too. As for the patients, they could fill out their personal information online to register and have an appointment with a doctor. Before the data report is generated, the doctors need to fill out parts of the PDFs and sign.



Final Words!


More systems and applications need to deal with PDF files. ComPDFKit is the expert of PDF creating, viewing, editing, annotating, redacting, form filling, and more. We deserve to be trusted.