Introducing ComPDFKit PDF SDK 1.5.0

By ComPDFKit | 2022 Jul 13
PDF SDK Release

We have always said that our team will consistently add new features to our product. And now we release a new version — ComPDFKit PDF SDK 1.5.0! In this version, you can add, edit, and remove the headers & footers, bates numbers, and background conveniently. Let’s see what these features are and how they can help process your PDF files.



Headers & Footers


Adding headers and footers is a very common operation in not only PDFs but also Word and PPT. The content displayed in the top area is the header and the content displayed in the bottom area is the footer. Generally speaking, headers and footers can contain various information such as dates, page numbers, document name, author name, and chapter name. 


Adding headers and footers can make the PDF documents more recognizable and professional. For students and researchers, they need to insert their names and document titles to published articles. While in the office, it‘s often necessary to add the company slogan in related files. 



Bates Numbers


Bates numbers are a powerful method of identifying unique pages within a collection of documents. Bates numbers are extremely convenient for indexing and finding because they assign a unique identification number to each page in a collection of documents. Bates numbers are most commonly used by government agencies, legal institutions, medical practices, and commercials, where documents that need to be processed can have up to thousands of pages.


Bates Numbers are generally a combination of numbers and letters. Sometimes Bates Numbers are arbitrary, but they usually include some combination of elements such as:


- ID numbers

- Important dates

- Company names

- Client names

- Case numbers

- Patient names

- Patient record numbers


It should be noted that bates numbers and headers & footers are not part of the PDF specification, but are private tags. This means both of them aren’t compatible in different PDF processors.





PDF files have a white background by default, making the text can be displayed easily. However, the uniform white background of the document can easily cause visual fatigue and aesthetic fatigue, so some people may want to change the background of the files to other colors. ComPDFKit PDF SDK provides the ability to change the background color or add a background image like a company logo, which optimizes your reading experience. And you can fully customize the opacity, scale, rotation angle, alignment, and offset of the background.





In this post, we have learned all the new functions in ComPDFKit PDF SDK 1.5.0, which we hope will bring you a better experience when working with PDF files! If you have suggestions on what features we should add, please contact us to express your ideas.