How Does AI Accelerate PDF Document Processing?

By ComPDFKit | 2024 Mar 07
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With the continuous development of science and technology, artificial intelligence (AI) plays an important role in various fields. For example, Document AI brings great convenience and efficiency improvement for PDF document processing in finance, healthcare, education, insurance, energy, logistics, and many other industries.


Document AI mainly includes layout analysis, data extraction, visual question answering, and image analysis. In this article, we will mainly focus on document layout analysis and introduce how ComPDFKit Document AI helps you to easily realize PDF document processing.


How AI Recognition Technologies Work With PDFs

The AI recognition technology for PDF document processing includes text recognition, image recognition, form recognition, layout recognition, etc., as shown below:


1. OCR(Optical Character Recognition) allows to convert scanned documents and images in PDF format into editable and searchable text, enabling the effortless conversion of paper documents into editable digital ones. For instance, OCR can be used to recognize bills, medical lists, bank cards, ID cards, and train tickets.


2. AI image recognition & AI image processing enable automatic identification of images in PDF documents, perform edge correction, and enhance the recovery process to improve image quality. This technology could be used in the medical field, including medical image analysis and diagnosis, case image analysis, ultrasonic image processing, ECG analysis, and other related fields.


3. AI document layout analysis automatically analyzes and understands images, text, table information, and the positional relationships within a document layout. This ensures the document's integrity and high quality by detecting and parsing font styles, tables, headings, and other structural components.


4. AI table recognition can intelligently recognize and extract the form structure and data from PDF documents. For instance, it can recognize the complex layout of financial statements, and quickly extract the data information in the financial statements.


5. Data extraction enable AI recognition in the PDF conversion process to automatically identify and extract images, tables, text, stamps, and other elements in PDF documents, which can be converted into different structured formats, such as Excel, JSON, or XML for further analysis.


6. The PDF document comparison function supports the comparison of OCR-converted scanned documents and native electronic documents, allowing for the detection of subtle differences between different versions of documents. For example, automatic comparison of scanned contracts and electronic contracts.


Benefits of AI Recognition for PDF Processing

Manual extraction of information from documents is a time-consuming, laborious, and imprecise task with low reusability. AI recognition technology for PDF document processing has greatly simplified the process of data extraction and management, bringing convenience and automation, contributing to faster customer data analysis, decision-making, and increased work efficiency. The primary advantages are as follows:


• Efficiency and Time-Saving: Manually extracting data from PDFs is a time-consuming and laborious task. However, AI recognition technology can automatically identify and extract data from PDF documents, reducing the user's time and effort required, and greatly improving the efficiency of the user's work.


• Accuracy and Consistency: AI recognition technology uses advanced algorithms to accurately identify and extract data from PDFs, solving the problem of lost content and incompatible document formats, thus reducing the risk of human error.


• Reusability: By intelligently recognizing and extracting the text, table, and other information in PDF documents, the data becomes reusable.


• Standardization and Integration: The standardized and proven PDF SDK with AI recognition technology can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems or applications. It simplifies data analysis and reporting for better decision-making and operational efficiency. 


ComPDFKit Document AI

ComPDFKit provides professional, all-platform, and comprehensive PDF SDK. Our PDF solution offers one-stop PDF processing capabilities, and it seamlessly integrates with Windows, Web, Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux development platforms, as well as React Native, Flutter, Electron, and more. Developers can easily integrate PDF viewer, annotation, content editor, document comparison, forms, signatures, OCR, and measurement tools in applications and systems. In addition, ComPDFKit provides a comprehensive set of Document AI capabilities with remarkable benefits.


Document AI provided by ComPDFKit


ComPDFKit Document AI utilizes AI recognition technology for processing PDF documents, with document layout analysis as its core. It automatically identifies and extracts text, images, tables, stamps, and other elements within PDF documents to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of PDF document processing.


1. OCR: Supports the conversion of PDF scans and images into searchable and editable text, as well as the ability to contextualize and analyze the content of low-quality images with high accuracy and quality. In addition, it also supports recognizing different texts in more than 90 languages, including English, Chinese, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, and so on.


2. Layout Analysis: Supports detecting and analyzing text, images, paragraphs, headings, tables, etc., and processing them separately; supports identifying the physical objects of documents, and directory structure levels, and can merge and extract tables and other elements across pages and columns.


3. Image Processing: Automatically recognize images in PDF documents, intelligently process the contrast and clarity of images, support edge detection, intelligent automatic image correction, ISO noise correction, automatic tilt correction, automatic document orientation detection, etc., to improve the quality of images.


4. Table Recognition: Supports recognizing table regions, accurately recognizing forms, paragraphs, charts, and other physical objects of the document, completely extracting form structure and data information within the form; supports intelligent merging of cross-page forms.


5. Stamp Detection: Supports automatic detection and recognition of stamps in contract documents or common bills, outputting text content, stamp location information, and the number of stamps.


Advantages of ComPDFKit Document AI


ComPDFKit's Document AI combined with the PDF SDK supports PDF editing, PDF conversion, data extraction, and document comparison, increasing efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings. Additionally, it enables organizations to streamline document workflows, enabling employees to focus on higher-value tasks. The advantages of ComPDFKit Document AI are as follows:


  • Data Extraction: ComPDFKit quickly extracts data from a wide variety of PDF templates. Whether it is text, tables, images, stamps, or other types of data, ComPDFKit can quickly and accurately recognize PDF documents through Document AI and extract the data information you need.
  • Conversion and Output Formats: Support converting PDF to/from Word, Excel, PPT, CSV, HTML, PNG, JPG, and other formats, also allows to convert PDF to JSON, XML, and other structure formats, to facilitate the system back-end rapid integration, for intelligent analysis of data.
  • Fast Integration: ComPDFKit supports fast integration of PDF SDK and Document AI functionalities into applications and systems, allowing you to load extracted data directly into your preferred destination, and facilitating document processing automation.
  • 24-Hour Technical Team Support: Provide 7 * 24 hours professional service guarantee and technical support, a variety of ways to respond to user feedback, and answer questions quickly.




This article mainly introduces how AI recognition technology works with PDF, the benefits of AI recognition technology for PDF document processing, as well as ComPDFKit's Document AI features and benefits. If you are interested in ComPDFKit PDF SDK and Document AI, please contact us for a free trial.