Convert PDF to Excel to Improve Your Work Efficiency

By ComPDFKit | 2022 Sep 29

As we all know, PDF files are widely used in business, government, education industries, etc. due to their stability and readability. In this case, they play a particularly important role in exchanging important data.


So if you have files with a lot of data/tables, is the PDF format still applicable? The answer is negative. A more suitable format for data manipulation is Excel, which we have also mentioned before, see here.


This blog will introduce why we need to convert PDF to Excel, and how to combine them with usage scenarios to improve work efficiency. Let’s get started.

Why We Need to Convert PDF to Excel


Excel is a spreadsheet software application used to store, organize, and analyze data. Published 37 years ago, it has become the most important computer application in the global workplace. It could be used to budget, record data, or write customer sales lists. In business, any sector in any industry needs Excel.


Now that we know the importance of Excel, and the ease of editing data. Below we will introduce why you need to convert PDF to Excel.


Consider a case where the tax department receives a lot of PDF files every day, which contain both text and numerical information. So if we only need the numerical information, how many ways can we do it?


1. Copy and paste

2. PDF table extraction 

3. PDF converters


Copy-paste seems simple enough, but if you're dealing with hundreds of documents, it suddenly becomes a time-consuming copy-paste nightmare.


PDF table extraction may be similar to PDF to Excel, it works best if you're only extracting tabular data for a certain page, but we're talking about hundreds of documents here. Therefore, converting PDF to Excel is the optimal solution in this case.



Improve Work Efficiency by Converting PDF to Excel


Consider a case where you are comparing two papers that are long and have a lot of data as arguments. At this time, copying and pasting, or spending a lot of time to find the page that needs to extract data, is undoubtedly inefficient. Converting PDF to Excel to get all the data in the paper and also set whether to convert each page into a separate form for labeling, will greatly improve your efficiency when doing data screening and comparison.


If you work in government departments, education departments, etc., you may need to extract the data in the tables from dozens of documents and merge them into an editable Excel document. You can first merge these PDFs into one and then convert it from PDF to Excel. This is what our ComPDFKit can do. Please click here to get more information about how to merge PDFs with ComPDFKit.


In this blog, we discuss why we should convert PDF to Excel and how it can be combined with your work scenarios. Here comes ComPDFKit Conversion SDK, which can help you achieve efficient and high-accuracy conversion. For details, please refer to here. If you want to integrate a trial or get a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.