A Comparison Between ComPDFKit and PDFTron

By ComPDFKit | 2024 Feb 07
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PDFTron and ComPDFKit are both professional and comprehensive PDF SDK (Software Development Kit) providers. They offer developers tools to integrate PDF functionalities into their applications, allowing for the efficient management and manipulation of PDF documents. Although they serve similar purposes, each SDK has its own unique features, advantages, and use cases.


In this article, we will compare PDFTron and ComPDFKit in terms of features, supported platforms, security and privacy, and license and cost. Through this analysis, you can determine which SDK best suits your needs.






The PDFTron SDK is a robust and professional PDF library designed to meet the needs of demanding and diverse applications. It is developed in-house and offers high-quality rendering capabilities that can accurately and reliably handle digital content of any size and complexity. With PDFTron, developers can bring PDF, CAD, and MS Office functionalities to their software applications across various platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and the web.


By utilizing PDFTron, developers can create standalone and cross-platform commercial applications that have the ability to read, write, edit, print, and display PDF documents. The SDK provides a comprehensive set of tools that enable efficient PDF manipulation, data extraction, annotation, form filling, digital signing, and advanced document processing. This allows developers to build powerful applications that can seamlessly integrate and work with PDF files, enhancing document management and workflow processes.




compdfkit pdf sdk for developers and start-ups


ComPDFKit provides robust and reliable PDF libraries that are compatible with various platforms, such as Windows, Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and popular cross-platform frameworks like React Native, Flutter, and Electron. The PDF SDK offered by ComPDFKit enables companies, organizations, small businesses, and developers to seamlessly integrate essential PDF functionalities into their applications or products.


With ComPDFKit, developers can leverage powerful features such as annotating, editing, converting, filling, and signing PDF documents. This empowers applications and products to handle PDF files effectively, enhancing document management, collaboration, and user experience. The PDF libraries offered by ComPDFKit are designed to provide a steady and reliable performance, ensuring smooth PDF integration across different platforms and frameworks.


Feature Comparison


In this section, we will provide a detailed feature comparison between  PDFTron SDK and ComPDFKit SDK, focusing on their capabilities in various aspects of PDF handling. Here is a comparison of some key features:


PDF SDK comparison PDFTron VS ComPDFKit


While both SDKs provide PDF navigation, outlines, bookmarks, text search, selection, zooming, and text reflow, there are some differences in their features.


Regarding annotations, both SDKs support various types such as highlight, markup, note, shapes, and more. However, PDFTron offers a wider variety of over 30 annotation types compared to ComPDFKit's 10+ types. Both SDKs also support custom annotations, import/export of annotations, and annotation flattening. It's worth noting that ComPDFKit supports "predefined annotations" while PDFTron does not mention it.


In terms of forms, both SDKs support filling, creating, editing, and deleting form fields, as well as flattening forms.


For signatures, both SDKs support e-signatures and digital signatures.


When it comes to page manipulation, both SDKs provide operations such as merging, splitting, inserting, extracting, and deleting pages.


In terms of content editing, both SDKs support text and image editing. ComPDFKit specifically supports the "replace all" function in the "Find and Replace" feature, whereas PDFTron does not mention it.


Both SDKs also support content searching and redaction, PDF encryption/decryption, and applying watermarks. However, PDFTron does not mention support for bates numbers, header & footer.


In terms of data extraction, both SDKs allow for extracting text, images, and tables from PDFs.


Both SDKs offer conversion capabilities, including converting PDFs to/from Office formats (Word, Excel, PPT), HTML, and images. However, ComPDFKit supports additional conversions to and from CSV, TXT, and RTF, while PDFTron does not. On the other hand, PDFTron supports CAD to PDF conversion, which ComPDFKit does not.


Lastly, both SDKs support overlay comparison, content comparison, and optical character recognition (OCR).


In conclusion, while both PDFTron and ComPDFKit excel in various aspects of PDF handling, the choice between them will ultimately depend on the specific needs and priorities of the user or organization. Each SDK brings unique features to the table, and a thorough evaluation is crucial to determine the best fit for the intended use case.


Security and Privacy Comparison


In the world of PDF solutions, keeping your data safe is crucial. As businesses handle documents, choosing a secure PDF SDK becomes essential. This section compares the security and privacy features of two PDF SDKs, ComPDFKit and PDFTron, looking at their PDF engines and commitment to digital protection.


A Foundation of Trust: Security and Privacy at the Core


Ensuring the safety of your digital assets is not just a consideration but a necessity. ComPDFKit uses PDFium, a secure PDF engine in Chromium maintained by Google. With SOC 2-compliant processes and a clean 10-year track record, ComPDFKit is trusted by enterprises, government agencies, and startups.


ComPDFKit PDF SDK vs. PDFTron PDF SDK [Apryse]

Security and Privacy comparison PDFTron vs ComPDFKit



Build Secure Software on a Battle-Tested PDF Engine


The foundation of any secure software lies in the reliability of its underlying components. ComPDFKit chooses to build upon PDFium, a battle-tested PDF engine used not only in Chromium but also across various applications, serving a staggering 2 billion users and opening trillions of PDFs annually.


PDFium PDF Engine vs. PDFTron [Apryse]

PDF engine- PDFiuPDF engine- PDFium (by Google) & Proprietary closed-source m (by Google) & Proprietary closed-source

PDFTron’s [Apryse] Latest High Severity CVE Vulnerabilities


PDFTron's latest high severity CVE vulnerabilities have been identified. These vulnerabilities pose significant security risks and should be addressed promptly. Here are some of the CVEs identified:


CVE-2022-39018: This vulnerability allows unauthenticated attackers to upload malicious files to the application server. To mitigate this risk, appropriate security measures should be implemented. 


CVE-2022-39019: This vulnerability exposes a flaw that enables unauthenticated attackers to access restricted PDF files. It is crucial to address this vulnerability to prevent unauthorized access. 


CVE-2022-39016: This vulnerability allows authenticated attackers to perform an account takeover. Immediate action should be taken to mitigate this risk and protect user accounts. 


More information about this vulnerability can be found at National Vulnerability Database.


These CVE vulnerabilities highlight the importance of maintaining up-to-date security patches and implementing necessary security measures to safeguard PDFTron systems and data. It is recommended to address these vulnerabilities promptly to minimize potential security breaches.


Choosing between ComPDFKit and PDFTron goes beyond features. It's about selecting a PDF SDK rooted in security, reliability, and transparency. This simple comparison provides a basis for decision-making based on your unique security and privacy needs. Choose a PDF SDK that aligns with your organization's values in safeguarding digital integrity.


Why ComPDFKit is the better choice for PDF Handling


When it comes to integrating PDF capabilities into applications, ComPDFKit emerges as the better choice due to its specific strengths and advantages. While PDFTron SDK is a robust and mature solution, ComPDFKit excels in several key areas that make it a more appealing option for developers. Let's explore why ComPDFKit stands out as the better choice.


Comprehensive PDF SDK


ComPDFKit provides developers with a comprehensive and professional suite of PDF capabilities. From effortlessly creating PDF viewers and editors to adding text, images, tables, and more, it empowers developers to craft visually appealing and informative PDFs. Its extensive functionalities include support for form fillings, signatures, PDF conversion, security features, comparison tools, OCR, and various other PDF operations.


Simplicity and Ease of Integration


Designed with simplicity in mind, ComPDFKit offers a clean and straightforward SDK and API. Its user-friendly design ensures that developers can easily understand and implement its functionalities, reducing the learning curve and expediting the development process. Integrating ComPDFKit into applications or systems is a seamless experience, allowing developers to swiftly create PDF Viewer and PDF Editor.




A notable advantage of ComPDFKit lies in its cost-effectiveness. In contrast to PDFTron's potentially complex and costly licensing model, ComPDFKit offers a simpler and more flexible licensing structure based on specific needs. This makes it an attractive option, particularly for smaller development teams, individual developers, and startups with budget constraints.


Active and Responsive Support


ComPDFKit goes the extra mile by providing reliable and responsive customer support. With multiple free technical support channels, including 24/5 Email & Chat Support, unlimited bug requests, and remote support, developers can access assistance whenever needed.


Licensing and Cost 


In terms of licensing and cost, ComPDFKit offers  simple and flexible pricing . While PDFTron SDK's pricing is contingent on factors like features, document volume, and server or client-side usage, ComPDFKit's pricing is straightforward. It caters to specific needs, offering unlimited files, developers, and locations. Additionally, ComPDFKit provides a community license for individual developers, startups, and non-profit organizations, fostering a collaborative and mutually beneficial environment.


In conclusion, ComPDFKit not only competently handles PDF operations but also offers a user-friendly experience, cost-effectiveness, and robust support, making it a standout choice for developers seeking a reliable and efficient PDF handling solution.




ComPDFKit stands as a versatile PDF handling solution, offering developers a multifunctional PDF Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API). With a focus on delivering comprehensive capabilities, ComPDFKit empowers developers to create, view, and edit PDFs seamlessly.


PDFTron emerges as a comprehensive PDF handling solution, providing developers with a powerful toolkit for diverse PDF operations. It is openly commercial and ready to be used for deployment, but licensing is not so straightforward, as you must first contact sales to get a quote.


In conclusion, while both solutions offer robust PDF functionalities, ComPDFKit emerges as a more cost-effective, responsive, and secure option for developers seeking a comprehensive and reliable PDF handling solution. Currently, ComPDFKit extends a special offer on iOS PDF SDK and Android PDF SDK – Save 35% now to build your own mobile PDF viewer with a 30-days money-back guarantee. Alternatively, take advantage of our free trial to experience the power of ComPDFKit firsthand.