Open Source PDF Libraries and Tools VS ComPDFKit

Review | PDF Library · Open Source Wed. 14 Jun. 2023

When it comes to working with PDF documents, developers have the option to choose between open-source PDF libraries and commercial ones like ComPDFKit. In this article, we'll explore the advantages of ComPDFKit over open-source PDF libraries.


Open-source PDF libraries are free and accessible to anyone who wants to use them. They are distributed under open-source licenses and offer some basic features like reading. So, even it’s free, you may find that open-source PDF libraries are not proper for your businesses for some reasons. Keep reading and make your choice.

Disadvantages of Open-Source PDF Libraries


While open-source PDF libraries might seem like the best option, there are some disadvantages that need to be considered. One of the biggest disadvantages is that not all open-source PDF libraries are available on all platforms. Additionally, users might not have access to technical support, which can be challenging when it comes to time-sensitive projects. Open-source tools might also not receive frequent updates or new features, and this can make them less reliable when it comes to business-critical applications.

Advantages of ComPDFKit


Using ComPDFKit has many advantages compared to open-source PDF libraries. The rich programming platforms and languages allow developers to integrate PDF functionalities into any application easily and provide a consistent user experience. 


ComPDFKit is also commercialized which means apps built with it can be sold in the market. Furthermore, this library allows for fast integration and continuous updates to keep up with the latest PDF processing needs. The technical support provided by ComPDFKit is also of high quality, ensuring that any issues are dealt with professionally and promptly.


Here are the advantages of ComPDFKit in brief:

         - All-in-one PDF features and more advanced features which are provided by ComPDFKit.

         - Supported programming platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac Catalyst, Web, etc.

         - Ease of use and integration.

         - Provide 24/7 hours of professional service and technical support.

         - More comprehensive documentation and support.

         - Frequent updates and security patches.

         - Better interoperability with other software.

         - Flexible licensing options: Purchase the features you need, for commercial use, or internal use.

         - Greater reliability and stability.



ComPDFKit offers a range of benefits over open source PDF libraries. We recommend you try ComPDFKit to experience the difference it can make in building excellent PDF apps for your business. Try ComPDFKit PDF solutions for free now and see what ComPDFKit can do for your PDF applications.

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