How to Recognize & Edit Scanned PDFs with ComPDFKit

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Nowadays, digital documents are popular in various industries. It’s convenient and useful to save information. But, we often receive or download some files which cannot be edited or copied. That’s because the file contains images or scanned PDFs. To access all the data in this kind of file, we need to type all the words to get an editable document. It’s annoying.


To give a better experience for users, a variety of apps integrated OCR features to recognize text from scanned PDFs or images. ComPDFKit is a company that provides OCR features for software companies and developers.



How to Get the Data from Scanned PDFs


No matter what kind of file it is, we all could read it and understand the meaning of each word. However, computers don’t work in the same way as humans do. To get all the data from scanned PDFs or images, the file should be turned into a digital file by OCR. Let’s see how it works on computers.


OCR is the abbreviation for optical character recognition. Used the technology of optical to segment characters & lines of text, and turned the letters into code that can be recognized by computers. 


ComPDFKit provides AI-based document processing technologies to get fast and highly accurate results of data extraction. We also process the low-quality images or scanned PDFs to correct the distortions, ISO noise, and blurry images. There may be some tables or graphics in a document. We could also provide layout analysis and recovery features to maintain all the information and layouts of a file.



How to Edit


We all know that we can’t edit the text in scanned PDFs. People do have such needs like adding, removing, or adjusting some information in scanned PDFs or images. It becomes real to do that nowadays, we can convert scanned documents to other formats. Then, we could edit them. There are several ways for you to choose the proper formats according to your needs.


Scanned PDFs to TXT: This is a file format for text only. If you just want to get the text information and edit them, this is the right format. 


Scanned PDFs to editable & searchable PDFs: PDF is a format with a stable layout. There could also contain tables, graphics, etc. And ComPDFKit provides an editing feature that makes editing text in PDFs possible.


Other formats: There also are some other formats like Word, Excel, PPT, etc. All the formats have their own advantages and disadvantages. PPT is used for presentations, Word is for easily editing documentation, etc. 



Supported Deployments


ComPDFKit supports deploying to various platforms including client-side devices and servers. Because of our upgraded inference engine for mobile devices, the limited processing and storage capability for mobile devices have been well solved. 





We explained the way to edit scanned PDFs and how ComPDFKit OCR works. If you are searching for a supplier of OCR & data extraction features with high accuracy, try ComPDFKit.


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