Improve Document Review Process by Annotating PDFs

By ComPDFKit | 2022 Nov 08

Entering the electronic age not only brings changes to people's lifestyles but also greatly saves work efficiency, one of which is the emergence of office documents, such as PDFs. Now contracts, presentations, financial documents, and even students' homework can all be collaborated on with PDF, which greatly reduces printing costs, storage costs, mailing costs, etc. People can also mark directly on the PDF, improving the document review process by annotating PDFs.


In this article, we will introduce the different annotation types and the applicable scenarios. The most important thing is that these functions can be integrated into your APP or system to improve the efficiency of document review. To know how to integrate, please click here.



What Kind of Review Process Annotation Can Help with?



The editor usually proofreads the article for a typo or an error, then the author will know exactly where it should be modified. 


Especially when it comes to specific revisions, such as contract review, many details, and specific terms, sentences need to be confirmed, and comments or notes may need to be made in the PDF file, which is also convenient for viewing and modification.


Marketing Posters

There are also some PDF files, not only the text that needs to be marked but also the specific page position that needs to be circled, such as posters, which have both text and pictures. If you need to take screenshots of it one by one, that’s probably a time-consuming nightmare, especially when the files are long. Therefore, it’s vital to annotate a specific area.

Different Types of Annotations


The following will be the introduction of different types of annotations, if you wanna know how to integrate them into your application, please take a look at this blog.


Markup Annotation

This includes highlighting, strikethrough, or underlining the desired content. 


Markup Annotation of ComPDFKit 

Ink Annotation

Ink is a free annotate to draw and write on a PDF page. You can customize the color, thickness, and transparency of the annotation tool.


Ink Annotation of ComPDFKit 

Text Annotation

This note type allows users to add text to the document. For example: inserting a note, adding a comment, or a free-form text box. 


Text Annotation of ComPDFKit 

Shape Annotation

This annotation type allows you to add shapes such as circle, square, or line annotations to your document. Often used in construction software to highlight changes. 


Shape Annotation of ComPDFKit


Stamp Annotations

This type of annotation is often used to add approval or rejection markers to quickly confirm document status. They can also be used as calls to action in documents, where users can add instructions for the next steps, such as Requiring a Signature.


Stamp Annotations of ComPDFKit


You can also customize the images you need as a stamp, which is user-friendly.


Sound Annotation

Isn't this amazing? If you happen to be out and it is inconvenient to type or add notes, you can say what you want and the speech will be added directly to the PDF.


We have mentioned so many annotation types, which can be combined with your usage scenarios. If you already have an APP and want to integrate the PDF annotation or need to develop an APP that is suitable for your usage scenarios, please do not hesitate to contact us for professional advice.